Steve Gibson Band

Steve Gibson Band


My music is up beat Country new Country not like 40 years ago, a lot of young Country fans like my music because like I say it is lively and tells a story. I write all of my music, it comes from my head and from my heart. A lot of my songs have got lead guitar instrumentals


What sets us apart from other Bands, is my


Average Clown

Written By: Steve Gibson


VERSE - 1 I've never seen your pretty face around here before.
And honey what ya doing in this dirty part of town.
You're wearing your heart on your sleeve,
God knows I've been there before
And when you hear me talking,
Do you think I'm just an Average Clown?

Pre Take a chance on me my baby, I wanna see you smile
you may be an angel sent here to save me,
so won't you stick around for a while

CHORUS Give me the chance to fall in love with you.
Don't break my heart before I've fallen... what have you got to lose?
Love me for one more day don't let these dreams go away.

VERSE - 2 Your mirror paints a picture of the lies that rolled off his tongue...
and the lines on your ageing face remind you of when we were young.
And do you still wear my loop of leather around your wrist?
Memories and words that were made and said,
I hope you don't ever forget.

Pre Take a chance etc.,

CHORUS Give me the chance etc.,

BRIDGE Don't hold it in your mind, just take it with both hands
and love it all of the time, I hope you'll understand
half empty glass of wine or empty page you read.
You're running out of time to do the things you said...
Give me the chance to fall in love with!

CHORUS Give me the chance etc.,

Away! Away!

Music and lyrics by Steve Gibson

Cant Stand Losing you Tonight

Written By: Steve Gibson

Tell me baby are things that bad?
Tear stained eyes make you look so sad,but all I want is whats left in your hands... You can take your bags and you can walk right out that door. How many times have we been here before but don't throw that truck in drive and throw my heart down to the floor...

CHORUS I can't stand losing you tonight..if only I could change my foolish pride, then you wouldn't be gone.. on four rollin wheels. I could have stopped your leaving if I tried.. now I'll have to wait until the morning light to say how I feel.. tell me this ain't real... it just don't seem right... I can't stand losing you tonight.

I'm going crazy just driving around..looking for you on the outskirts of town its 3 a.m. and I can't get you out of my mind.. not this time. Jukebox is playing songs about rain, a shot of whiskey and I'm gone again, I won't rest until I see your tail lights through this pain...

CHORUS - I can''t stand losing etc.,

BRIDGE - When you coming back around to this lonesome town. Babe I don't know what to say to make you wanna stay!!

CHORUS - No I can't stand etc.,

losing you tonight, woah!! yeah!! losing you tonight yeah!!!

Music and lyrics by Steve Gibson


Single -Cant stand losing you tonight
Single -Average Clown