Steve Gifford

Steve Gifford


Steve Gifford (and band) are an original song writing electro-acoustic band with a flair for atmosphere and mood. Steve has released 4 studio albums to date.
In 2007/8 Steve toured the UK with his 3rd album "Boy On A Beach", which was well received and grew his fan base.
Latest album Ungodly Hour.


Steve started supporting bigger names between 2004 and 2007 namely,Shawn Colvin,Steve Harley,Aynsley Lister,Acoustic Strawbs,Lindisfarne in venues 250 to 500 seats.
After this in late 2007 Steve launched "Boy On A Beach" which sold out and throughout 2008 Steve and the band toured the UK with this album.
He began writing seriously in 2001 and shortly after released his debut album "Cut and Run".
Steve undeniably has strong musical influences from the 70's/80's such as Tom Petty,The Eagles,James Taylor,Cat Stevens, Jonie Mitchell, Carol King and other acoustic singer song writers.
Steve has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity since touring the UK with two albums between 2005 and 2008. Dame Cleo Lane's "Stables Theatre", Milton Keynes has featured Steve regularly since hearing his earlier performances a venue he plays every year.

Steve has remained with the same band members to this day, resulting in some of his finest work to date in the form of his new album "Ungodly Hour". Featuring a range of genres, from reggae to rock, and the unmistakable acoustic influence of Steve's Lowden Guitar and his favourite Seagull 12 String.

The band rehearse religiously weekly in Steve's recording studio. Steve's record label, "Smokey Rooms Productions", was named after bonfire smoke leaked through into the studio one day during a rehearsal.

Steve has a solid music industry reputation and has supported Shawn Colvin, Steve Harley,
"Ungodly hour" was released in March 2010.


Knolls Wood

Written By: Steve Gifford

Knolls Wood Steve Gifford June 07

I ought to be with you this guilt that I’m feeling
I’m never around when you want me to be.
All of my being so scared of this moment
Can’t always be what you want me to be.

This thing can be beaten I need to believe it.
I’m here for you now to soak up the pain.
I try to speak but the words have no meaning.
Invading your body and killing your brain.

Chorus…Love don’t waste your time
Time aint on your side
Life can be unkind……
As I try to recall the day that we walked
In blue bells and dew.
In Knolls wood she knew.

I can’t give you a reason said the man in the white coat
I look in his eyes just to see if he cares
I know it’d be easier if I couldn’t see her.
These feelings of love are the hardest to bear.

Chorus…Love don’t waste your time
Time aint on your side
Life can be unkind……
As I try to recall the day that we walked
In bluebells and dew.
In Knolls wood she knew.

INSTRU …. Into last Chorus

Life can be ,Life can be,life can be unkind….

Take this love

Written By: Steve Gifford

TAKE THIS LOVE Steve Gifford Sept 08

I’ve been caught out so many times I should know,I should know
I’ve been thawed out too many times in the snow so I should know
Take this love and all that I’m feeling
With these hands I beg for healing
I’ve been caught out so many times I should know.

I have judged and critisized people I don’t know,I don’t know
I’ve been hauled up and pulled from the water as it froze,so I should know.
Take this love it’s all that I’m giving
Some small things make life worth living
I have judged and critisized those who I don’t know.

I’ve been watching the TV the fireworks,the flames
Light up the sky at the end of the games.
And for every spark that flies through the sky it’s a dollar that
burns for each human life.
It’s a show to impress a shiny veneer but what lies beneath
is far from sincere,scratch through the surface the gold’s made of brass..
All by the hands of the suffering working class.

I’ve been found out too many times she should know,she should know
Ive been lost and found for reasons I don’t know,on my own.
Take this love and all that I’m feeling
With these hands I beg for healing.
I’ve been found out too many times,she should know,she should know.

Repeat,,,she should know….oh oh oooh


Written By: Steve Gifford

BLUE Steve Gifford Jan 2008

Blue blue blue……Why’s the sky so blue
Blue blue blue……Why’s the sky so blue


The sky is above and the sea is below
And the bit in between is where the people go
Valleys run deep and mountains are high
And the man on the roof says
Don’t you just love the Blue,blue,blue,blue.


There’s a heaven above and a hell on the ground.
There’s a place in my heart where the love is found.
She’s talking out loud,Coz she can’t keep it in.
She’s telling the world

Don’t you just love the

We’re full of hope inside us now,just want to stay here,
In a world that’s blue.
So why’s the sky so blue.

You’re in my heart and the sun still shines
And all I know today the sky is Blue.


Cut and Run - 2002
Building Bridges - 2005
Boy On A beach - 2007
Ungodly Hour - 2010

Boy On A Beach and Devils Daughter, gained airplay on BBC during 2008 and featured as Album Of The Week on CMR Nashville Radio in Sept 2007.

Set List

Devil's Daughter
Knolls Wood
Boy on a Beach
Ungodly Hour
James and Lilley
Seven Seas

Not In My Name
Take This Love
Cry For Me
Call of Duty
Heart In These Stones
Song For Elle
Real World
In My Car
It's Been Good