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Steve Gorbatkin performs with the Porch Bottom Boys in Decatur GA

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Death of Stephen Decatur

Written By: Steve Gorbatkin

This is the story of Stephen Decatur

When Stephen Decatur was a Captain
He was the youngest one
1820 he died a commodore
At the hand of a rival officer with a gun

The Duel was arranged by Bainbridge
So that Decatur would be bound to die
Both men shot their pistols
Face to Face and Eye to Eye

Refrain: Shot Dead Stephen Decatur
Shot Dead In his prime and oh so young
Shot Dead Stephen Decatur
Helped make our Navy Number 1

Commodore James Barron
You Shot That Gun
That Killed Stephen Decatur
When he was only 41

So glorious to your country
Said President James Monroe
When Barron challenged you to a duel
Why did you have to go

Break on verse
Left behind dear Susan
Turned down the brother of Napoleon
2 score later died a pauper
Never having raised a daughter or a son

She cried I will always love you
I will fight for justice till the end
There will never be another
She cried and said she cried and said


Break on Refrain