Steve Herrera

Steve Herrera


Parents will tell their children, "ya know, if it weren't for Steve Herrera's music, you wouldn't be here."



That's right... big bold letters, because here I am people, it's a pleasure to meet you (well, kinda meet you, I hope one day we can actually meet in person). I've been playing guitar and writing songs for as long as I can remember. 'Twas the sweet sweet tinglings of a Mr. David Gilmour that popped my musical cherry, 'twas. Grew up wanting nothing more than to shred my Strat on the top of a huge effin wall! then I got an acoustic guitar and became a bit more grounded, just a bit.

My influences range from classic rock bands (i.e. the aforementioned Pink Floyd) to British rock bands (Radiohead, Travis, Coldplay, Blur, Oasis) to American rock bands (My Morning Jacket, Dave Matthews Band) to singer-songwriter/folk-type guys (Ray Lamontagne, Bon Iver, Damien Rice) So yeah, I'm pretty much all over the map (not to mention I try to croon like Sinatra every chance I get).

Been playing in bands my whole life. I've met and toured with some amazing people, and had tons of unforgettable experiences (some that shall not be mentioned here, hi mom) But now it's time to try something different.. goin' solo baby! This is my first attempt at a singer-songwriter career, sooo... fingers crossed!

I try and write from the heart, and from personal experiences. My songs, like my influences, can vary a bit stylistically, however I feel there's continuity throughout. Trying to describe my style would be like trying to describe what the back of my head looks like... you're better off seeing (hearing) for yourself, so please do!

Thank you for your time. You sexy thing, you.


Thank You

Written By: Steve Herrera

Signal as the both of you
walk along your crooked way
Try to explain your masquerade
Things that I would never do
Things that I would never say
are runnin' through me now
funny that way..

I wanna thank you
I wanna take you
Run away with me

I woke up next to her
and saw there was another way
I've been feeling so alone recently
Natalie, with eyes that shine
through to this heart of me
I love the way you laugh, so gracefully

I wanna thank you
I wanna take you
Run away with me

One of these days the wind upon my sails will die
When that day comes I think I'll hang my head and sigh
To all of our times
and how it all did roll

I wanna thank you
I wanna take you
Run away with me.


Written By: Steve Herrera

In this room, I wait
By this phone, I wait
I wait for my girl
I will wait for my girl

If she takes all day
If she takes all night
I still wait for my girl
I will wait for my girl

But, oh...
oh, there's one more thing
there's one more tiny thing...


When she gets to my room
When she knocks on my door
I will tell her to leave
I will tell her nicely

But, oh...
Oh, there's one more thing
There's one more tiny thing...


Sun and Moon

Written By: Steve Herrera

Today wasn't supposed to be this way
I thought of all the funny things I'd say
But the hours flew by and took the courage too
So I just stood and stared at you

You wore that yellow shirt you wear so well
A favorite piece of clothing, I could tell
With a smile of purest beauty, oh so true
I thought of all I wanna give to you

the Sun and Moon.

I left and walked, defeated to my car
Got home and spent some time with my guitar
I'm gonna write a song so you will know
of all the things that I'm too scared to show

Now if days and nights are all that we have got
And the world is willing to give us a shot
I'm gonna love you 'til the end of everything
and honor you with simple songs I'd sing

of Sun and Moon.

Without Me

Written By: Steve Herrera

I don't know what to say
I don't know what to tell you
The day is done and I'm not sleepin'

You know I need you here
but only when you're warm, dear
I am sick of this love charade

and I know that you will be fine
and I know that you will be fine
and I know that you will be just fine
without me

I'm sure you'll marry off
some rich, handsome fellow
and you will live in fairy tale

forget me and mine
Make your pretty babies
The world will turn without you for me

and I know that you will be fine
and I know that you will be fine
and I know that you will be just fine
without me

So, now you can have everything
you've ever dreamed of having
and all those boys, who promise romance
will be fallin' at your door

and I know that you will be fine
and I know that you will be just fine
without me.

Watch You Slowly

Written By: Steve Herrera

This is the last time that we meet
This is the place where I pour my heart out
I don't pretend to know what you're thinking
You don't pretend to even care.

I will watch you slowly say goodbye
Then watch you slowly go

Now I am a man with many regerets
and I just want you to know that I'm sorry
losing you was not how I planned it
sometimes plans just don't work out

Now I will watch you slowly say goodbye
then watch you slowly go
and these tears
these tears..
these tears, they will watch you slowly
watch you slowly go.

I will watch you slowly
I will watch you slowly go..

I'll watch you slowly go..

I'll watch you slowly.


Self titled EP
can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp.

Set List

some covers I perform:
Alex Clare-Too Close
Al Greene-Let’s stay together
Amy Winehouse-Back to Black
Avett Bros-I & Love & You
The Band-Cripple Creek
The Weight
Ben harper-Burn one down
Ben E. King- Stand by me
Bill Withers-Ain’t no sunshine
Billy Joel-Piano Man
Black Crowes-Remedy
She talks to angels
Bob Marley-Could you be Loved
Is This Love
No Woman, No Cry
One Love
Redemption Song
Bruno Mars-It Will Rain
Just the way you are
Locked out of Heaven
Citizen Cope-Bullet and a Target
If there’s love
Sun’s gonna rise
Coldplay-Fix You
In My Place
The Scientist
Viva la vida
Dion &the Belmonts-Runaround Sue
Dave Matthews-#41
So damn lucky
Best of around
Grey Street
Rhyme and reason
What would u say
When the world ends
Ed Sheeran-A Team
Elton John-Rocket Man
Eric Hutchison-Rock and Roll
Everclear-Santa Monica
Eve 6-Inside out
Fastball-outta my head
The way