Steve Kent

Steve Kent


Steve Kent, a story teller through song, has a vocal character that compares to the late great Keith Whitley. Emotion and heartfelt songs.


He has a cowboy's soul and a poets heart
and he sings with raw emotion with every line.
With his smooth, strong vocals be can make you
cry and make you smile all in the same song.
Steve Kent grew up in Wickenburg Arizona and
has always had a love for the great country music
of the 70's 80's and 90's. Growing up singing to
Conway Twitty, Keith Whitley, Vern Gosden and
many other greats, Steve has developed a unique
crisp combination of sound that compliments various
artists of the past and holds true to the classic country
sound. Steve has relocated to the Nashville area
and is currently performing in and around the Nashville


The Drifter

Written By: Tim Green

Its a tale of a restless heart always looking for a brand new start
and if you listen close its enough to make you cry
old wiskey and stale cigarettes
and eyes that only see regrets
and the memories of a life that passed him by

Standing on the porch of a run down shack
Rainin so hard its like a heart attack
Theres a rumble in the sky goin by like a lonely train
and he's strainin through the night to see the lights of the city
but its rainin too hard and loud and feelin like shit
He grabs his old guitar and plays it into the rain

Its the only song that ever plays anymore
and he knows right or wrong its the only thing
hes got worth living for
So He Plays.....

It was such a long time ago, he a stranger now that she dont know
But a song is the strongest kind of memory
He aint got nothin left but a waste of time,
too much of her always on his mind
and it drives him to the brink of insanity

There's a hurtin in his boots like someone died
another long day tryin to catch a ride
No destination. Chance just leads the way
Whoever said love lost can never be found
didn't take enough time or cover quite enough ground
And on a lonely night you might hear him play....


Another look at a photograph that he keeps beneath his hat
and he crumples up another pack of smokes
For just one more chance he'd offer his soul
But every time he does the devil never shows
and he's beginning to think its all just a great big hoax

One night in Tennessee he finally tracks her down
to a little bitty plot at the edge of town
and he falls to his knees when he sees her name in stone
After all those tears and years in the rain
He coulda died right then and there from the pain
and he plays her song it chills him to the bone



Steve Kent //Here I Am //Released August 05

Set List

Set List
Steve Kent

Hard Workin Man
Boot Scootin Boogie
Bartenders, Barstools, and Barmades
The Joker
Old Enough to Know Better
Goodbye Time
Ole Red
Dont Stop
I Cant Sleep
Settle for a Slowdown
Little Bit of Life
Folsom Prison Blues
Come A Little Closer
Long Walk to Heaven (Original)
The Nightmare (Original)
If I could make a Livin
All My ex's live in Texas
The Chair
Outta Here (Original)
Mama's Got her boobs out
Family Tradition
Live Like you were dying
The Ride
Man In The Moon
Thunder Rolls
Redneck Yauht Club
Tequila makes her clothes fall off
Neon Moon
Third Rate Romance
The Drifter (Original)
Dixieland Delight
Rocky Top
I'll Wait for you
What was I Thinkin
Seminole Wind
Dont Close Your Eyes
Old Country
Old Flames Have New Names