Steve Kimock Band

Steve Kimock Band


The Steve Kimock Band is a kaleidoscope of innovative compositions and dazzling improvisations that range from the rush of exploratory fusion and funk, to the roar of psychedelic rock, to the whisper of a ballad so haunting and sweet that audiences fall silent under its spell.


The Steve Kimock Band defies simple categorization. Its players are renowned artists with diverse musical influences and a shared love of stretching sonic boundaries. Its music is a kaleidoscope of innovative compositions and dazzling improvisations that range from the rush of exploratory fusion and funk, to the roar of psychedelic rock, to the whisper of a ballad so haunting and sweet that audiences fall silent under its spell. Its live performances are incendiary marathons of musical creation and on-stage chemistry that are unlike anything else in music today.

SKB guitarist Steve Kimock has dedicated his life to the mastery of his instruments and the exploration of new paradigms of rhythm, tone, and melody. Kimock has been at the leading edge of guitar-driven improvisational music for more than 25 years, consistently reinventing his art through hard work, imagination, and the creation of a new musical vocabulary.

Joining Steve Kimock in the current line-up of SKB are Rodney Holmes (drums), Mitch Stein (guitar) , Leo Traversa (bass). Holmes is a Grammy award-winning drummer, recognized for his explosive power, graceful touch, and an unparalleled ability to play multiple rhythms simultaneously. He has performed with a diverse and talented mix of world-class musicians – from the Brecker Brothers to Santana to Wayne Shorter – and his unique approach to drumming is hugely influential in creating SKB’s signature sound.

Guitarist Mitch Stein’s rich musical heritage and imaginative style provide the perfect foil for Kimock’s fat-toned phrases. Schooled in jazz, classical and rock guitar, Stein is a creative player who has performed with the likes of David Sanborn, Chaka Chan, George Benson and Steve Gadd. Leo Traversa, considered one of the world’s top bassists, has performed and recorded with a wide range of internationally-known artists, including Tania Maria, Ben E. King, Elaine Elias and Claudio Roditi.

Live performances of the Steve Kimock Band are the stuff of legends. Audiences come to experience the vivid musical imagination of the players, celebrate the power of sound that moves the soul, and share in the sheer thrill of new music created nightly. Widely admired for the quality of its live sound engineering, SKB is one of the most frequently-recorded touring acts today.

Since the inception of the Steve Kimock Band in January 2000, SKB has enjoyed a rotating cast of standout players, including Alphonso Johnson, Arne Livingston, Bobby Vega, Pete Sears, Alan Hertz, Tom Coster, Prairie Prince, Chip Roland and Jimmy Sanchez, with expert sound support from Howard Danchik, Rudson Shurtliff and Evan Crown.

The Steve Kimock Band has recorded two live CDs, East Meets West and Live in Colorado, as well as a live concert DVD, Live at the Gothic Theatre available in the goods section. In late spring of 2004, SKB will release a much-anticipated studio debut featuring the powerful line-up of Steve Kimock, Rodney Holmes, Mitch Stein, Alphonso Johnson and Jim Kost.


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Steve Kimock Band:

Live at the Gothic Theater DVD
Live in Colorado Vol. 2
East Meets West
Live In Colorado
Live From The West Coast
KVHW - Live in Concert
Zero - Nothin' Lasts Forever
Zero - Zero
Zero - Chance In A Million
Zero - Go Hear Nothin'
Zero - Nothin' Goes Here
Zero - Here Goes Nothin'

Steve also appears on the following recordings:

The Heart of Gold Band - Double Dose (1989)
Various Artists - Everybody Slides II (1993)
Psychedelic Guitar Circus - Psychedelic Guitar Circus(1994)
Dama & D'Gary - Long Way Home (1994)
Frank Novato - Rock 'n Roll Heaven (1996)
Harvey Mandel - Planetary Warrior (1997)
Carlos (Bobby) Vega - Down the Road (1998)
Dose Hermanos - Live from California (1998)
Merl Saunders - With His Funky Friends (1998)
Merl Saunders & the Rainforest Band - Fiesta Amazonica (1998)
Missing Man Formation - Missing Man Formation (1998)
Phil Lesh & Friends - Love Will See You Through (1999)
Kingfish - Sundown on the Forest (1999)
Jazz Is Dead - Laughing Water (1999)
The Other Ones - Strange Remain (1999)
KVHW - Life at the Lip (1999)
Ubiquities Compilation - No Categories, Vol 2 (1999)
Solid Air - Heartbreak Town (2000)
Bruce Hornsby - Here Come the Noisemakers (2000)
Pete Sears - Long Haul (2001)
Bruce Hornsby - Big Swing Face (2002)

A new studio album is expected to be released soon.

Set List

The Steve Kimock Band plays a wide range of original compositions. The Current Song Rotation inlcudes the following originals:

Fakers Luck
One for Brother Mike
Dr. Zaius
Weapons of Moose Destruction
Long Form
Long Form IV
Life of the Party
Thing One
Ice Cream
In Reply
Bronx Experiment
Moon People
Storm Crow
Electric Wildlife
Elmer’s Revenge
Victory Lap
Tongue n Groove
Bad Hair
5 B 4 Funk
Hillbillies on PCP
Cole’s Law
Tangled Hangers
It’s Up to You
Kissin’ the Boo Boo
Severe Tire Damage
High & Lonesome
Potato Head
Chance in a Million

Cover Tunes Include:
Little Wing
Baby, Baby
Many Rivers to Cross
You're the One
Better Get Hit in in your Soul
Steel Guitar Rag
Stella Blue
Rainbow's Cadillac
Favorite Things