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Steve Kirk

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Steve Kirk is a composer. Throughout his work, encompassing everything from multimedia to modern chamber music, he attempts to redefine pop music beyond the confines of contemporary restriction. Anything can and should be Pop, as long as it is meaningful and memorable.


We've played music all our lives, and have been influenced by all that surrounds us- music, politics, hope and despair. This band plays the compositions of Steve Kirk, whose scope is far ranging, with influences from pop to jazz to R&B, fusion and contemporary classical, but everything he writes sounds like Steve Kirk. The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Gentle Giant, Stravinsky, Nino Rota and others have all had their influence on him and his band members- diehard individualists of the Bay Area East Side- a world of oddball improvisation, idiosyncratic organized sound and musicianly verve undaunted by any lack of commercial viability.



Written By: Steve Kirk

My life has gone on for so long
Without you here, my love

For you has no resolve, oh
Where can you be, my love

Is there something you don't want me to see

Why has fate taken you so far away from me

Where the hell are you- how can this be

My true love- so far away from me

One fine day we'll meet- you'll see

Some day my own true love

My Town

Written By: Steve Kirk

This is my town- this is where I live
and I've come to call it home
and I know every corner coffee shop and one way street within the five mile grid

There's a waitress I like to talk to when my girlfreind's not around and the path to the back porch is well worn by the feet of my friends

My Town- sun-streaked skyline, I gave my heart to you

My Town- my life, be true to me
So every step I take I will own with certainty

This is my job- I'm my own boss, and I run it out of my home
And every phone call and email is a teeth-pulling ordeal to get my bills paid

And you know, that was my gal, and the fact is- timing ain't what it ought to be

Now I've met someone new and she says she's moving in this coming Friday

My Town- please hear my plea
I gave you my heart- a lease on my soul

Every bus stop coffee shop parking lot crys out to me

My Town- everything I love is here


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Set List

It varies. Depending on our audience, we may do Jazz and R&B infused instrumentals or oddball pop tunes with vocals. Our sets could be anywhere from and hour to two hours long, depending on what is appropriate.