Steve Kopandy

Steve Kopandy


I love travelling and writing music. I love performing. I've been doing it since I was a teenager and am proud to have my voice in the CD collections of over 3000 people. It's a buzz. I write music for people. Accessible, radio friendly, people friendly music.


At 26 years old, Steve Kopandy has been writing and performing for over 12 years and has taken his music as far as the UK, USA and Europe, and as close to home as good old Newcastle Australia. His acoustic driven music is inspired, melodic, easy to listen to and always well produced.

As a young teenager 1991 to 1995, Steve was learning instruments, writing songs and singing in school choirs. Since 1995, Steve has written for and performed in various pop/rock bands, predominantly as the front man for Paperadio, where he gained most of his performing, writing, recording and management experience. Steve has performed to thousands of people and sold over 3000 CDs in Paperadio and other bands, performing from Brisbane to Melbourne and throughout the UK.

He released his first Solo EP in 2003, a collection of six demos, entitled Silver Things. Steve put together a line-up of local friends and began performing around Sydney and Newcastle, promoting the EP and refining his writing and performing.

In October 2003, Steve moved to London with Paperadio and has since been spending plenty of time performing with the band on stages throughout the UK, and working with the highly recognised pop producer Andy Bradfield (Beth Orton, Rufus Wainwright, Manic Street Preachers).

Steve released his first studio EP entitled 'Scripted' in Dec 2004. The EP is acoustic guitar driven with kicked back drums and lots of electric guitar and harmony layers and was produced in Melbourne by David Carr (Taxiride, Antiskeptic).

In 2005, Steve took his original songs and new EP straight into the West End music clubs in London, playing regularly amongst local and Australian counterparts. It was London that sharpened him up as a performer and a writer. He also spent a lot of time in Continental Europe and has penned songs in Paris, Berlin, Belgrade and Sarajevo, being inspired by these amazing places and people within them.

He left Paperadio in London and returned to Newcastle late in 2005 to be closer to his family and to work with David Carr on what will become his first full length album. With recording underway, the release is expected to be late 2006. In the mean time, Steve will continue performing in Australia, and looking for more oppertunities to get his current release on radio.


Carry On

Written By: Steve Kopandy

Come on, come to me
Because you’ve been so far away
All I do is miss you incredibly
So desperately
Sunshine you can warm me
But starlight, you’re so far away
And its going to be a long time darling till you get to me
But will you be my star anyway?

Tonight honey
The stars will never shine brighter than your eyes
I’ll carry on honey
Waiting for the next time I hold you tight
Tonight honey
The stars will never shine brighter than your eyes
And if you’re mine honey

It’s gonna be a long time but that’s alright

Baby do you think of me?
Do you think that I’m crazy waiting here for you?
Well it’s probably true, but hey, you got me
So I don’t know what else I can do

Tidal Wave

Written By: Steve Kopandy

Baby I’m on your tidal wave of lovin
You’re holding me and you take away my breathing
I’m falling down your beautiful face
I’m riding through your beautiful days

Hey, can you give me a wave?
Sweetie my babe
I feel like getting my feet wet today

Baby I’m on your tidal wave of lovin
I’m drinking strawberry lemonade and floating
I’m feeling effortlessly embraced
It feels like I must be off my face

An Hour and a Heart

Written By: Steve Kopandy

Standing alone in the afternoon
That’s where you said you’d be
Waiting here for me
But you’re still at home – nothing is new
And I don’t do old so well
Don’t you know that girl?

I think you should know
I don’t need to be alone
I’ll change the things I can but you put me in your hands
Now doesn’t that show the power of your words?
Just let your yes be yes
Cause you know it hurts

It’s only an hour you say
I’ve wasted an hour today
It’s only an hour to you but
I’ve wasted an hour and a heart on you

Open my eyes, shut down my trust
Teach me to live by sight
No, that’s not alright
So let me rise to the challenge of love
I won’t give up because
It’s not good enough


Scripted EP
© Steve Kopandy 2004
Released December 2004
1. Carry On
2. Tidal Wave
3. An Hour and a Heart
4. My Sisters Wedding Song

Silver Things EP
© Steve Kopandy 2002
Released October 2002
1. Take this Town
2. Some Candles
3. Silver Things
4. She’s so Stark
5. Driving
6. Tuesday

Set List

All original. up to 40mins.