Steve Lanza Jr.

Steve Lanza Jr.


Steve Lanza Jr is a home grown, family oriented, acoustic-rock experience. With a strong focus on song writing, Steve brings a delightful tone to the ear which is suitable for all ages.


Steve Lanza Jr started playing guitar and singing is own music at age 19 and began writing original material soon after. Aspiring as a singer/songwriter Steve started playing small shows, open-mic's and backyard fires but with hopes of eventually playing on a bigger stage. With the help of producer Brad McCarthy (Still Point Sound) Steve has co-producer his first record called "Coast Away EP". Steve is currently playing solo shows at small clubs around New England to support the album.


Coast Away

Written By: Steve Lanza Jr.

Long have I longed to stay
And talk about my story
But each time I try to speak
I stutter and I worry
That my time here had gone to waste
As I shutter our the furry
And my words will whisper down
My mind and my body

So I'm scared of what you'd say
So I'll leave it for another day
And just Coast Away

I look up at the sky at night
And I wonder what they're thinkin'
Cuz maybe they could shelter the rain
And stop the land from sinkin'
Who'll tell the next generation of young
That we did wrong and we're sorry
And I wish I could have seen the greats
Like Jerry or Bob Marley

So don't listen to a word they say
Just sit back and enjoy today
And just Coast Away

(musical break - slow down)

So don't listen to a word they say
Just get on, changing your ways
And just Coast Away

Won't be too long

Written By: Steve Lanza Jr.

I walked downstairs
And I opened the door
Some how it just don't feel
The same as before

Well the TVs on
And the walls are warm
It's not safe to say I'll know
That you're gone
And it won't be too long
No it won't be too long

The lights outside our bright
And the day is long
It's getting harder to tell
To tell right from wrong
People tend to say
You don't know what you got till it's gone
But I wont be too long
Til I know your gone.

(musical break - bridge)

And I know it won't be too long
Ya I know it won't be too long
And i won't be too long
Until I know you're gone.


"Coast Away EP" - 2010

Set List

Standard set runs approximately 55 minutes with 60% original music. We cover a wide range of genre's including but not limited to; Paul Simon, Tom Petty, Wyclef Jon, Bill Withers, The Grateful Dead, Lionel Richie and more. We also take notice to volume levels and keep them moderate and controlled.