Steve Manning's Little Big Band

Steve Manning's Little Big Band


Jazz and funk, danceable. Modern sounds without losing the old school origins. Austin's Steve Manning's Little Big Band brings to its audiences a truly unique and eclectic sound. The performers have combined their creative talents in order to explore infinite musical possibilities.


Best known for his work with the Malford Milligan Band , saxophonist/composer/arranger/vocalist Steve Manning founded His Little Big Band along with several of his talented friends in 2001 as a vehicle for some of their original compositions. While attending Alvin (Texas) High School, Steve studied with Marilyn Chappell, principal bassoonist of the Texas Opera Theater. Steve arrived on the Austin music scene in 1995, playing first with Diamond Simon and the Roughcuts, followed by stints with Joe Valentine at the 311 Club on Austin's famous 6th Street and a disco/funk band called The Move before joining Malford in February 2004. Along the way, Steve studied saxophone with Richard Fenno, brother of The Little Big Band's drummer Jimmy Fenno. Compositionally, Steve considers Dave Brubeck and Mike Post his primary influences; and lists his favorite saxophonists as Michael Brecker, King Curtis, Lenny Pickett, and Richard Elliot. Who is Steve's favorite singer? Malford, of course!


Radical 289 "All Of The Above" featuring Staeve Manning's Little Big Band.

Set List

Sets run 50 minutes each, up to three sets per show. Includes all the originals from both of the band's CD's plus an assortment of covers in many genres. An eclectic danceable night is guaranteed for all!