Steve McDaniel

Steve McDaniel


Steve McDaniel is a Christian singer/songwriter with a passion for praising God in song. His music mixes elements of acoustic folk with modern digital instruments such as synthesizers, strings, and piano.


I am a Christian singer/songwriter from northern Kentucky. I have played in a band called Trading Up for several years but have recently taken a break to record a solo album. Since I started in music, I have always had a love for the acoustic guitar. Even though I play primarily electric with the band, I always play my acoustic guitar when I'm by myself. All of my songs are initially written using an acoustic, and many of the songs I have written were never recorded because they didn't fit with the rock style of Trading Up.

The folk-inspired acoustic sound that I began with in music feels most natural for me, and I wanted to create a collection centered around that particular style. In the summer of 2008, I decided to begin working on a solo project. I began recording some of my existing acoustic songs and wrote new ones as well. I began to develop a style that mixed characteristics of acoustic folk/pop with more contemporary elements such as synths, piano, and other virtual instruments. The songs included in my solo album have been written over the past five years, and each one portrays a piece of my walk with God. These songs display some of my greatest achievements, failures, experiences, and desires in my relationship with God. Music can speak in ways that words sometimes can't. My prayer is that God will speak to others in a new way through this collection of songs.


I Want to Live

Written By: Steve McDaniel

Clinging on to my former burdens, listening to every voice but yours
Can make you hard to find
Giving in to the competition, and saving all the best things for myself
Has left me far behind.

If I would take the time to listen, you have a lot to say
This short time that I’ve been given,
is cluttered with a meaningless array.

I want to lose who I am,
I want to leave where I’ve been
I want to forget all my shame
and all my sin
I want to have what you have,
I want to take what you give,
I want to see all You are,
I want to live, I want to live

You’re the reason that I am breathing,
everything that I have and ever will
Doesn’t belong to me
What I need more than anything is, a reminder that You are so much more
Than I could ever be

Well I’ve seen the rest
of what this world can offer me
And I’m not impressed by anything other than the grace of God

Forever It Will Shine

Written By: Steve McDaniel

When our weary souls are wounded and our valleys flood with grief,
In the midst of our disaster God will come to bring relief
He will be there in the end
If the shadows overcome
Where pain stops and joy begins Clouds will break to show the sun.

Men will wither into nothing and their sons will pass away
When we know the end is coming, nothing of this Earth can stay
Cities rise only to crumble
every empire will fall
Every kingdom will be humbled
by the ruler of them all.

When the Earth takes its last breath,
With our Father we’ll find rest
When the waters are no more,
We’ll find what we’re waiting for

When the sun fades into darkness to end the day for one last time
Greater glory will replace it
And forever it will shine

Nothing at All

Written By: Steve McDaniel

I understand just what you’re going through
‘cause I have been there too, It’s not as bad as you think.
You might think that you’re not good enough,
That you’ll never measure up, Well that could be true.

I could go on and on
about all the things I’ve done wrong
But I won’t dwell on things that mean nothing at all
You can’t dwell on things that mean nothing at all.

You don’t have to do this on your own,
There’s no need to walk alone, He’s been waiting for you
All you have to do is let Him in,
And leave the rest to Him, He’s done this before.

Well I’m no stranger
to sin and doubt,
But I also know
what grace is all about.
It’s all about you, so don’t dwell.

Falling Into Place

Written By: Steve McDaniel

This pile keeps on growing
as it’s sitting on my plate
And I thought that I was man enough to control my own fate
But it can all come crashing down because life is such a fragile house of cards
Every time I think I almost have it figured out
Something that I didn’t plan for comes along to knock me down
This ladder always comes up short, I just can’t seem to build it fast enough

I have tried
to make things fall in line
My biggest mistake was my attempt to control a game that isn’t mine
But now I’ve found my place Let Him take the reigns
When you lose control
then you will find
that everything else will fall into place

With everything I’ve wrestled with
it seems the hardest part
Is to let go of my grip
that has been shaky from the start
This burden’s got the best of me so I think it might be time to pass it off
I could use a little help
before I ruin things myself

I could use a little help
before I ruin things myself
If I rely on His grace everything will fall in place


Just Within Reach - EP

Set List

Nothing at All
I Want to Live
Around the Bend
Forever It Will Shine
Before It's Mine
There is a Fountain (cover)
Above All Else
Falling Into Place
This Bag of Silver