steve mckinney

steve mckinney


I do cover songs in bars and restuarants and original christian and some cover christian in churches and spiritual events or places. I enjoy the cover classics as much as my stuff fortunately because most people like the music they know the most. I think my spiritual songs have uniqueness & power.


Native Houstonian, 6th. generation Texan. Bayou Blues heart.Stevie Ray Vaughan, Neil Young,Tab Benoit, Todd Snyder, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Chris Duarte, Jim Crotche, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Beatles, Muddy Waters, BB King, Third Day


Sights On YOU,by Steve McKinney
Released March, 2003.
The Second Mile,by Steve McKinney
Released Nov.,2004.
(3rd.CD in the studio)ALL ORIGINAL music and lyrics by Steve McKinney.

Set List

I know about 130 cover songs. I usually try to stick to the more lively up-beat ones, but it sometimes depends on the crowd age, responsiveness, or the
mood that I'm in as to what I will play. I will play most all songs that are requested if know them.
I usually don't use a set list. can give song list on request .