Steve Millar

Steve Millar


Steve Millar’s unique and innovative sound, allows him to be considered a member of many musical genres, however, he is most commonly associated with acoustic, folk-rock, jazz and blues. His vocals and lyrics have been compared to John Mayer, Jack Johnson & Ben Harper.


The younger years....
Steve was born in the great city of Toronto, Ontario Canada. He lived there for the first half of his life and ended up moving to the Appleton, Wisconsin in the United States around the young age of 12. Ever since he was young, music was always a huge part of his life. His father William played saxophone in the Canadian band The Shades and had always placed an importance on music throughout Steve's younger years. He was introduced to the greats at a young age which is most likely a huge factor in his unique style. Steve grew up listening to such artists as the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, to artists like Frank Sinatra and Louis Prima.
The later years....
Steve began playing in bands as soon as turned 14. He started a Ska-Punk band called Insult to Injury with a good friend he had met shortly after arriving in the United States. The band received excellent reviews as well as a great fan base around the Midwest. After 3 years of performing and a month before finalizing a record deal, the group disbanded. Steve spent the next few years at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he self-produced 2 solo albums which became a staple in the Midwest underground college music scene. Shortly after the release of his second solo album Steve and some other musicians from Milwaukee formed the band, The Rest. The Rest ended up being the House band for the historic Blues Rock venue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin the Up & Under. The band broke up due to musical differences in the summer of 2006.
The Present....
After the break-up of The Rest, Steve moved back to Appleton Wisconsin to start working on his solo project again. The rest is soon to be written....


Lord I'm Telling You

Written By: Steve Millar

Day after day, year after year,
these stones never reappear.
Minute after minute, hour after hour. I'm just a desert waiting for a shower.

Night after night, when right isn't right. That's my story of the ghost.
Sing it with me now.

Lord I'm telling you that I will be strong. Lord I'm telling you that I’ll carry on. Lord I'm showing you that I am on my knees. Oh Lord, Lord please.

Give me the pill, so I can sit still.
Ease my mind just for a little while.
Clocks like to show, that nostalgia never let me go. So I’m staring out the window.
Sing it with me now.
Seems like today is going to be a golden day.

Emily's Song

Written By: Steve Millar

I know in my heart, that we could never part, cause our loves too strong for that.

Like puzzle pieces are our hands, and there's little games and jokes that only we understand.

I've been waiting for the night, for you to be my wife,
Cause I'd be the luckiest man alive.

I've been waiting all my life to find somebody like you,
Baby I Love you.

And when I'm old an gray, in my arms you'll stay,
Because that's where you belong.
And when I leave this world, I'll be your angel girl, watching over you.

And when the times get tough, know that I could never show you enough, that I'll love you no matter what.

And even when I gone away, know that I have something to say and that'll you'll, always be my baby.

It's Alright

Written By: Steve Millar

You said you'd never leave,
but now it's clear to me.
Even though I'm on my knees, I'm on my knees.
You say that I'm the one,
we can't change what's been done,
I know I'm on your mind and it's killing you.

And it's alright with me,
and it's all on you.
You get what you want
when you got what you want ,
someday you'll see that I'm not what you want,
and it's alright with me

You preached to all your friends, that we'd be together in the end,
but now your preaching something else.
I'll always be kind to you though,
and little pieces still will show up here and there.
You're everywhere


Mystik Moksha
Now and Then
For You, Nostalgia (To be released September, 07)
Steve will soon be available in all digital jukeboxes in the Fox Valley managed by an Appleton based jukebox distributor.

Set List

[ Originals ]
Can You Feel It
When I'm Walking
Now I'm Writing (to get you here)
Where I'll Be
Love Your City
The Girl (Jazzy)
Nine To Five
Keep Dancing
Emily's Song
I've Been Waiting
Spend My Time
Your Song
Even In Dreams
These Hands
Now I Can See
I Know
The Hardest Part

[ Covers ]
Three Little Birds - Marley
Burn One Down - Ben Harper
Curbside Prophet - Jason Mraz
Two Coins - Dispatch
Comfortable - John Mayer
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Sucker - John Mayer
Wind Cries Mary - Hendrix
What Did I Get Myself Into - Kyle Riabko
What I Got - Sublime
Man On The Side - John Mayer