Steve Miller

Steve Miller


Meaningful lyrics with a catchy, soothing acoustic sound.


My Music has deep meaning meant to find the flaws in our society today. Many songs come from the Influences of books and novels by writers such as C.S Lewis, G.K. Chesterton and many others. while some bands mostly right about love, and hate and have cheap lyrics mine are costly and can be interpretted different ways depending on the listener. All interpretations however, will all be based on the same thing, seeking the truth and finding it in a world full of lies and hatred.


Demo Album
E.P. Album

Set List

1. Vindiction
2. Black Clouds Over Black Lands
3. Nothing Gained
4. Leave It All Behind
5. Nothing is Missed
Cover Songs include
1. Stare at the Sun- Thrice
2. So Strange I Remember You- Thrice
3. Everchanging- Rise Against
4. Cute Without The E
5. On Your Porch
Sets last about thirty minutes