Steve Minotti

Steve Minotti


I'm a modern day Troubadour that puts an up to date twist on the 70's singer/songwriter mold. All original music it a cross between Cat Stevens meets Counting Crows


I let my music speak for itself it's intelligent, intimate and inspiring heart felt thoughts and words that my fans can relate to and accompanied by mesmerizing melodies that touch your heart and soul.


Different Stages: AJ & Kenny
1982 background vocal
I can't be with tonight MCP,
1982 single
Skippy and the Bigtop EP 1997
Joker-Hit The Wall 2003
Steve Minotti-The Gallery 2005
Steve Minotti-The Love You Give presently in the studio recording June 2010 release

Set List

Lightning Struck
The Gallery
Turn It Around
In The Definition
The Alien Song
Taste Of You
Everything Thats Beautiful
Worlds Gonna Break
Secrets In You Heart
Damned If I Do
The Love You Give
I Can't Be With You Tonight
Holding On To You
Little Miss Dallas
I Jumped The Gun
You Went To Far