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Steve Mueske

Band EDM New Age


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"He's really good"

He's really good. I never expected it from him. I was pretty sure he'd be swabbing toilets at Toys R Us for the rest of his life. It's surprising, really. It must be the finger of Jesus. - Mother


EP "Hello Cruel World" released September, 2008



Pick a version:

a.) Once there was a boy who liked playing with tinker toys, erector sets and tops. He also liked slime. He grew up, but he still likes slime.

b.) As a boy, young master Steven visited a gypsy fortune teller who predicted he would become famous. She was hit by a milk truck.

c.) Once he is elected emperor, Steve promises world peace and unity for all citizens.

d.) He dislikes the terms "Dance," "DJ," and "New Age" that appear in his genre categories. Although he approves of "Electronic" and "Ambient" he'd prefer the term "Aural Painting".

e.) He likes milk and oreos.

Okay, Steve, enough with the tomfoolery. How about some real information, something I can sink my teeth into.

Happy to oblige! I got my first six-string at age 8, practiced a whole bunch, put together bands, practiced some more, then aged a bit, played gigs throughout the American Midwest with various progressive metal combos, woke up one morning, disgusted that I owned nothing and my shoes were held together with duct tape, got a bachelor's degree, then a master's degree, slowly built a home studio, then redefined myself musically through electronica. Though it's not really electronica. Digital, yes. Instrumental, yes. Oh, so tasty, dark and disturbing, yes. Different.

That's about it, really. Hope you've enjoyed your stay! Oh, and listen to the music -- that's the important thing.

All songs are available for licensing (BMI). Hire me. Write me love songs. Send pictures of your pets.