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Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE

Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band R&B Alternative


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"Miami's Steven A. Clark Is a "Superhero" and He's Here to Help Save R&B"

Last year, when Frank Ocean's Nostalgia, Ultra and the Weeknd's House of Balloons dropped within weeks of each other, critics and fans celebrated the arrival of a fresh movement in R&B. Though the moods of those recordings differed considerably, they were both remarkably self-assured and sophisticated for artists so young (23 and 21, respectively), sharing an aesthetic that borrowed equally from indie rock and hip-hop-tinged R&B. - Miami New Times

"Miami's Steven A. Clark Announces F.U.C.K. Release Date, Drops "Don't Have You" Video"

See also Crossfade's feature story: "Steven A. Clark Is a 'Superhero' and He's Here to Help Save R&B."

What is Future RnB?

Well, as Fayetteville-via-Miami singer-songwriter Steven A. Clark once told Crossfade over a croissant sandwich: "It ain't just, 'I want to make love to you and make you my wife,' it's every aspect of life. It's the drugs. It's the drinking. It's the love. It's the hate. It's the pain. It's every emotion."

And no doubt, Clark is an expert on the art of living through next-level rhythm & blues. He's moody. He's mysterious. He's romantic. He's dirty. He's weird.

But now he's ready to F.U.C.K. - Miami New Times

"On Steven A. Clark and Playing Musical Catch-Up"

As a listener with a tendency to digest music slowly, it often takes me weeks, if not months, to form definitive and coherent thoughts about a particular album. Music blogging can be a challenge in an era that’s unforgiving to those unable to keep up with the new. That’s where shows like DJ Hyphen & J. Moore’s Sunday Night Sound Session prove so helpful. A weekly mix of buzzing new singles, notable underground cuts, artist interviews and local music, the weekly radio set is perfect for those who, like me, find it impossible to lend an ear to every new mp3.

Listening through the show from a couple of weekends ago, I finally got a chance to hear the new singles from Nas and Big K.R.I.T., not to mention the head nod-inducing “It’s My Turn” from Dee-1. But the surprise gem of the mix was a new track from Florida-based R&B artist/producer Steven A. Clark. “Don’t Have You,” the first single from Clark’s uniquely-titled upcoming project Fornication Under Consent of the King, is a remorseful, painfully honest soul record set to modern-day production.

But of course, as today’s music cycle would have it, and because here I am discussing a radio mix from two weeks (read: months in internet time) ago, Steven A. has an even newer song out for your listening pleasure. Second single “Lonely Roller” is also written and produced by Clark, but is noticeably more upbeat, incorporating electronic elements into the mix. If the male falsetto makes you a little uncomfortable, and you prefer a bit more masculinity and maturity in your R&B/soul, Steven A. Clark might be right up your alley. If you’re looking for something to hold you over until his LP, which drops June 11th, his Stripes EP from last year is available for free download here

Read more: - Smoking Section

"'Seashore' by Steven A. Clark - Free MP3"

Song: "Seashore"
Artist: Steven A. Clark
Album: Fornication Under the Consent of the King

"'Seashore' is a metaphor for losing someone and just hoping they'd come back. I'm at fault for losing her, yet I long for her to return to me like the waves," Steven A. Clark explains to Rolling Stone. "I wrote this song while living in a windowless warehouse thinking about my ex and watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on repeat." - Rolling Stone

"Steven A. Clark In Conversation"

When singer-songwriter Steven A. Clark released the nine-song Stripes EP, it found an immediate niche, a spot on an invisible shelf in between Frank Ocean and The Weekend, to whom he was immediately compared. Future R&B (nu-R&B?) has, of late, been characterized by an extraordinarily ambient sound, lyrical soul-baring, and what seems to be the inevitably young age of its purveyors—as well as their multitude of influences, which often extend far beyond old-school R&B.

Click for full article - Dossier Journal

"'Seashore' by Steven A. Clark - Free MP3 Read more:"

Song: "Seashore"
Artist: Steven A. Clark
Album: Fornication Under the Consent of the King

"'Seashore' is a metaphor for losing someone and just hoping they'd come back. I'm at fault for losing her, yet I long for her to return to me like the waves," Steven A. Clark explains to Rolling Stone. "I wrote this song while living in a windowless warehouse thinking about my ex and watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on repeat."

Read more: - Rolling Stone

"Steven A. Clark - "Don't Have You""

In the world of R&B, last year was pretty much dominated by sensations The Weeknd and Odd Future crooner Frank Ocean. However, not many people are aware that another up-and-coming singer-songwriter released a pretty impressive project last year. Miami based R&B/electro-soul singer-songwriter/producer Steven A. Clark's independently released Stripes EP came out around this time last year and made some waves in the music world even garnering an award for 2011 Indie Album of the Year by As a follow-up to his Stripes EP, Clark is prepping to release his first LP Fornication Under Consent of the King and recently released the lead single "Don't Have You" which is written and produced by Clark. If you haven't already, check out Steven A. Clark's Stripes EP available for free via his website.

Fornication Under Consent of the King available 6.11.12 via L&E Media Co. - EarMilk

"Audio: Steven A. Clark “Don’t Have You”"

It was almost a year to the day when the music of Miami based singer/songwriter/producer Steven A. Clark was first put on my radar via his standout EP, Stripes. Today, we get news of more good music to come as his LP, Fornication Under Consent of the King, is set to drop June 11th via L&E Media Co. In case you didn’t catch the acronym in the album title, let Clark explain: “I thought it would be an interesting title,” says the singer, “It’s a word I use when I’m unhappy with the way things are…F.ornication U.nder C.onsent of the would be a wittier and less offensive way of making the same association to the word and the music.” We’ve got more than just news though, he comes through with a tough lead single today as well, “Don’t Have You.” - Okayplayer

"Music: New Found Hype"

Next we have Steven A. Clark, not to be confused with the sportscaster Stephen A. Smith, who is another singer/songwriter with more of a rhythm & blues feel to the music. His single, entitled “Super Hero”, in which he attempts to dispel the belief in external super heroes who save you from your woes. In essence, Steven is telling you to stop the pity party and help yourself, that we can all be super heroes for our damn selves. Not your typical R&B song topic, right? - LTD Mag

"Music: New Found Hype"

Next we have Steven A. Clark, not to be confused with the sportscaster Stephen A. Smith, who is another singer/songwriter with more of a rhythm & blues feel to the music. His single, entitled “Super Hero”, in which he attempts to dispel the belief in external super heroes who save you from your woes. In essence, Steven is telling you to stop the pity party and help yourself, that we can all be super heroes for our damn selves. Not your typical R&B song topic, right? - LTD Mag

"Ghostwridah "The Money" ft. Steven A. Clark"

We could all name a few rappers who will decry materialistic excess on one joint, only to conveniently forget their principles when it comes time for the obligatory cash-themed record. But could GhostWridah, the Miami native who spit so eloquently about the perils of unchecked consumerism on Red Bottoms, really release a jam that’s all about The Money? Well, he could have, but I’m happy to say he hasn’t. Instead, this potential mixtape cut finds the freestyle alum taking a critical, if not outright cynical stance on the paper chase. With Stephen A. Clark‘s reverb-drenched guitar stabs ringing in the background he also steps out from behind the boards to contribute a haunting hook, Ghost details a world where everything has its price, right down to one’s most deeply-held values. Not that he himself is immune: “Mama told me the love of money was Satan’s trap / Well, if that’s so I should have been to hell twice.” The end result is as fresh and insightful as anything Ghost’s brought us to date – but I’ll let readers have the final say on whether it’s mixtape material. In any case, fans won’t want to miss the Booth-hosted American Alien, due out April 25. - DJ Booth

"In Heavy Rotation: Steven A. Clark"

Based out of North Carolina, Steven A. Clark is an uprising singer/producer with raw talent. He dropped his Free EP titled ‘Stripes’ that includes 9 tracks. The project has an infusion of R&B, soul, and alternative, with powerful beats and instrumentals. A must-listen is “Stranded” – the opening instrumentals are insane. The entire EP has solid production and great vocals. Give his record a listen, he brings something new to the table. - Swindle Season

"Artist 2 Peep: Steven A. Clark"

So like out of nowhere it seems as though R&B is suddenly beginning to re-emerge from the drab little cave its been hiding in for the past couple of years. And it appears to be two particular styles of this genre that has bloggers, industry pro’s and music heads going bananas right now. You have your crop of talented white soul-crooners like James Blake and Jamie Woon and then you have cats like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean who are creating that nu-style ‘Drake-like R&B’ music.

An while I really have no problem with any of these guys, in fact I like a song or two from all of them, I do feel that these sounds and styles can only go so far – with the possibility of it becoming a little ‘oversaturated’ – which can eventually force it to play out. (Sidenote: R&B chica’s, where are you? It’s time for you to get some of this shine as well. Bring it out!)

However, there are some other R&B newbies out there who are quietly killing it but for the most part seem to be getting overlooked. Guys who are just as creatively innovative but at the same time are kind of keeping the format a little more traditional. Which is why, I want to shine the Couch-Light on one of my favorite new artists. He’s a talented producer/singer/songwriter from Fayetteville, NC (currently residing in Miami) by the name of Steven A. Clark and last month he released a very note-worthy EP called Stripes.

Steven is bringing what made me like R&B from the jump. Heart-melting melodies, passionate/poignant lyrics and a sexy-confident sophistication that seems to be missing these days. Take a listen to two of my favorite tracks below and then head over to his Bandcamp page and download his debut for FREE. This guy is definitely one to watch.

SONGS 2 PEEP: “Superhero”, “Where’s Steven”, - The Couch Sessions

"Steven A. Clark Super Hero"

No, Steven A. Clark is not a human being with capabilities beyond this planet. However, this North Carolina-born singer, songwriter and producer happens to have enough extraordinary musical prowess to power out “Super Hero,” a compelling cut that uses his upcoming album Stripes as a platform to deliver a shout for help, a plea to which we all can relate. - The Smoking Section

"Steven A. Clark "Stripes""

After finding out about Steven A. Clark through twitter, I decided to give his debut album, “Stripes” a spin, and what a long spin it has been. The North Carolina raised, Miami based artist has been buzzing around the web for the past few weeks, largely due to the success of his first single ‘SuperHero’ back in November of last year.

Steven mainly finds Nas and N.E.R.D, especially their album “In Search Off…”, as the artists who inspired him to begin writing. During his early childhood with the help of his mother, Steven got to experience the well-constructed melodies of acts such as Boyz II Men, Sade, and Steven Wonder. With all of these different influences Steven has created a sound of his own.

The nine-track album was entirely written/produced by Steven and co-produced by Mr. Familiar. Steven’s songwriting is impeccable, with production that perfectly compliments the format of each song. He describes his sound as alternative/soul and I believe that is the perfect way to put it.

Although it was challenging to pick some stand out tracks, I came to the conclusion that “Conception,” “Angel of Death” and “SuperHero” are my personal favorites. Even though he is not originally from Miami, it is great to see how much hidden talent this city has.

Head over to Steven’s BandCamp to give it a listen and you can decide for yourself whether to download it or not, and did I mention that it is free .99? If you want to download it directly CLICK HERE. Enjoy! And support local artists. - Hipsturbed

"The Exception"

I vowed to only post music that I am directly affiliated with as the web is overloading with download links and access to music, but a gentleman by the name of Steven Clark has been the exception! He recently dropped his project “Stripes” and I got the opportunity to download and enjoy this project and I am still in awe! I was put onto Steve when he made his feature on “The Money” track (which he also produced) alongside GhostWridah. Steven and GhostWridah are both hailing from Miami and they are both creating a movement that is ensuring that this city is something to look out for! The second the album starts you realize that there is no room for confusion when it comes to Steven Clark, his voice is signature and his sound is something that has yet to be done. This is where soul has merged with the electro movement. Please don’t shoot me, but in my personal opinion I think this is what Kanye West was going for on his “808's & Heartbreaks” album, and I must say the sound has been mastered on “Stripes”! Be sure to download this project and FOLLOW Steven on twitter! - Mommy Warbucks

"Steven A. Clark "Stripes""

Shout out to Louis J. for sending this over just now. All his email said was “For fans of Frank Ocean, try Steven A. Clark STRIPES,” and that was all it took for me to be interested in his music. Louis was right, so we’ll leave you with the same message: If you liked Frank Ocean’s mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra, that we posted a few weeks back, listen below. - Not Some Kid

"Steven A. Clark "Stripes""

The talented artist and producer that goes by Steven A. Clark releases his new project know as Stripes which I suggest you should download even if you’re unfamiliar with him. Judging from what I’ve heard, I can say it’s nothing but music created on a higher level, so make sure you check it out. - I'm Flashy

"Steven A. Clark "Stripes""

Steven A. Clark is from Little Rock, Arkansas he consideres his sound to be alternative/soul and says that N.E.R.D’s “In Search Of” inspired him. I have to admit he kinda gave me that N.E.R.D vibe at first mixed with a little Kenna or maybe even Phony PPL. The harmonies are dope he’s worth a listen. Check out his album”Stripes”in the player below. Download it Here - Lola Mack

"Steven A. Clark "Stripes""

Steven A. Clark has been popping up in conversations about Frank Ocean and The Weeknd lately so while he doesn't have any big name support (Odd Future, Drake, respectively), it's an even bigger testament to his skill and musical awareness. He just dropped his album not too long ago and...I'm not going to classify it. Music today is so immersed in every genre that labeling it defeats the purpose: enjoyment. Check it out and if you dig it, let him know here. Click 'Stripes' to download the album. - The Right Kind of Brownies

"Steven A. Clark "Stripes""

Do you sometimes wonder ‘has the internet completely fucked off the quality of music.’ If your shy it’s ok, I’ll raise my hand for you. I’ve definitely had those thoughts. But, everytime I want to smash my laptop shut in rage I discover something worth stopping for. Come on I know I’m not alone. You know the moment just before the screen fades to black someone like Steven A. Clark is introduced. I could explain in tons of black and white words but I’d rather you formulate your own opinion.

Heres Steven A. Clark’s EP Stripes that brought memories of Cee-Lo Green, the quirky sounds of Love Below, and slight Cudi harmonies. This is a true jewel so download and release yourself. - The Pretty Dope

"Steven A. Clark "Stripes""

If you're like me then you have never heard of Steven A. Clark, but do as I did and give one of his songs a listen and you will be pleasantly surprised. I love when I get music like this in my inbox.. - The Best in New Music

"Steven A. Clark "Stripes""

So, I’m sure we’ve established that I’m an ardent advocate of hot fuego sauce music, and so are you, or else you wouldn’t be here :). With that being said, it is my pleasure to share with you another emerging artist reppin’ the Free Love collective out of Miami, FL by way of North Kakalakee. The name is Steven A. Clark, and his recently released FreEP Stripes is quite brilliant. From track numbers 1-9, the singer/songwriter/producer takes the listener on a journey of his life over the last year with soulful vocals laced over some heavy heavy heavy production; all at a bpm range that makes those drums, keys and synths knock and resonate just enough to get a steady head nod going…I got a serious bobble head going right now as a matter of fact. Also note, the project was co-produced by the Mr. Familiar camp out of Miami, who brought us the ‘LoveLoveLove’ project from minty approved artist, Albert Vargas. ‘Stripes’ and Steven A. Clark bring us a musical treat that is highly unique and refreshing to say the least, so on that note, prepare yourself for dopeness and let the music speak for itself. - The Mint Collective

"Steven A. Clark "Stripes""

Between YuYme at The Couch Sessions and the folks at The Mint Collective, I'll never run out of places to dis cover good music. Steven A. Clark is an artist who hap pens to be from my home s tate of North Carolina and, you should know by now that I heav ily sup port the NC music scene. Check out Steven's Stripes below and, if you like what you hear, down load it for free from his band camp. -

"Steven A. Clark "Stripes" Mixtape"

Great tape from Steven A. Clark

Stripes is a 9 track mixtape from Steven A. Clark that has great production, great vocals, and even some solid rapping. I spotted the lead single ‘Superhero’ over at NotSomeKid and decided to check out the whole tape and am very happy I did. It is mainly R&B which is perfect for this lazy Sunday but you will see on International Man that he can also throw down some solid verses. Check out two of my favorites below but just grab his whole tape…. Enjoy! -

"Steven A. Clark "Stripes""

Stripes is the debut album of singer-songwriter Steven A. Clark. You may recall our post for his smash single "Superhero" (One of the best songs of 2010), where we likened him to a more refined Kid Cudi. Well now that we've had a chance to listen to the whole album, its clear we weren't giving Clark enough credit. Lesson learned: don't try to box Clark in with labels.

Throughout Stripes, the Miami-based, Little-Rock-raised recording artist displays the versatility to change up his style track-to-track seamlessly, keeping it cohesive with the common thread of deep-soul shining through. The dude has too much talent not to make it, and he got some underlying swag that demonstrates and a geniune confidence/ambition to succeed. The future is bright for Steven A. Clark. Bright as f*ck.

Shouts to Mr. Familiar for Co-Production with Steven on this project. Keepin it extra crispy.

Checkout a few of my favorites and make sure to download the whole record. - VibeToThis

"Steven A. Clark "Stripes" EP"

Here’s another gem to add to your playlists. That Frank Ocean project has been in heavy rotation for me, but this ish right here is just as good and should be thrown in the mix. Miami Singer/songwriter/producer Steven A. Clark (reppin’ the FreeLve collective) recently dropped his FreEP, Stripes. The EP was co-produced by Mr. Familiar (who has worked with Yelawolf, Jim Jonsin, Ghostwridah, Timbaland, Solange & more). My favorite song off the 9-track project would be “Conception,” but hop over the cut and listen for yourself. - Okayplayer

"Steven A. Clark "Stripes""

If you happened to be perusing the web and came across a Pandora station that bumped Kenna, Frank Ocean, and Kid Cudi, you'd probably find yourself adding singer/songwriter/producer, Steven A. Clark to that 'favorited' list. Amongst the slew of mixtapes and EP's thrown at the average internet goer on a daily basis, it's often difficult to differentiate the diamonds in the rough. Clark's recently released the FreEP, Stripes is definitely shining bright (can't you tell by the uber dope album happy that cats still care about that these days). Currently reppin' the Free Love Collective out of Miami, FL by way of North Kakalakee, the project was co-produced by Mr. Familiar (who have worked with the likes of Yelawolf, Ghostwridah, Jim Jonsin, Solange and many more).

Basically, it's hot fuego sauce so peep it, enjoy, and thank me later ;) ... - Frank 151

"Allright, I cosign this hard..."

Steven is the truth. This album is soulful and all around dope fuckin’ music. Stop reading this and press download. Now. The305 Co-sign. -



Steven A. Clark "Stripes" EP

Steven A. Clark "Fornication Under Consent of the King" - September 11, 2012



R&B singer-songwriter Steven A. Clark broke onto the scene in 2010 with his soul-baring and darkly arranged eight-song LP debut STRIPES, which earned him the title of “Miami’s best independent album of 2011” by local hip hop site, but it’s with his upcoming project, Fornication Under the Consent of the King that his artistry reaches new heights.

Alongside Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, the Fayetville, North Carolina native is a top forerunner in the Future RnB movement, spearheading a confident and new type of indie-rock and hip hop infused rhythm and blues that belies their young age. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Clark’s songwriting reflects his absolute acceptance of the effects of love, including the adoration and despise, bliss and pain, and drinking and drugs. Building on the self-produced, written, and performed sound of STRIPES, Clark takes his synth-kissed sound one step beyond, cutting away niceties and digging into the core of his personal afflictions with F.U.C.K.

“F.U.C.K. means a lot as far as saying f*ck a lot of things I don't agree with. But for the most part, it's f*ck love, f*ck relationships, f*ck some of these girls. It's a lot of sh*t,” bemoans Clark. “I just got out of a relationship that had been long-term, and I don't know. It's kind of like the first thing that comes to mind when you break up with somebody.”

The sentiment shines through on “She’s in Love,” a storytelling tale of a girl who misplaces her affection for Clark on the city. He roughs it up on album single “Don’t Have You,” a darkly veiled letter to his ex where he wails about moving on from his past, which resulted in his ex cutting off all communication after hearing the demo. Compared to his breakout 2010 debut STRIPES, Clark reaches new emotional highs - even more than his genre contemporaries.

“The records now are a little deeper, more personal, and more raw,” explains Clark, whose love of The Neptunes, Sade and Boyz II Men shine through on his eclectic compositions. “I guess R&B was missing something, but I think things are happening the way they're supposed to. As our influences change, the music will, too. It was only a matter of time.”

Indeed, Clark is adding some needed seasoning to R&B, handling his own production, songwriting and recording. Like his peers, the musical artisan croons gut-busting lyrics about his personal life. But it’s his artistry that’s more vast, incorporating rap, R&B and funk into his skin-burrowing confections.

Trace it back to his matriculating at High Point University in High Point, North Carolina, where he found solace in relationship therapy through singing. He put collegiate life on the backburner in his junior year, chasing his musical dreams down to Miami where he cut his teeth working in a professional recording studio and set initial groundwork for STRIPES. But it was when he began recording F.U.C.K., due this summer, that he finally learned to let go.

“There is no philosophy; it’s a feeling. I'm making music that feels good and natural to me,” he says. “I want people to know that good music is a feeling and it's raw and it should always be that way. It’s personal, it’s tough and it’s just simply good music. That's what I want people to take away from it: that it's good sh*t.”