steven charles cecil

steven charles cecil


House Rocking Roots Music.


I've been a keyboardist in the blues tradition. Over the past 15 years I have played behind the following artist at festivals through out the US, Canada, and Europe: Bobby Parker, Sherman Robertson, and Little Jimmy King. In 2004 I performed on the Carlos Santana Blues Summit in Montreux. I performed with Bobby Parker and the Blues Night Band.

Marking Time (Smiling Pig 2007)

"Baltimore based songwriter and keyboard player Steven Charles Cecil......has opted for a kind of rough and ready live feel........"Louisiana Memories" with its get down and get funky groove, and precision machine gun drumming from Dion Clay, and "Devil's Child".....enlivened by interesting guitar/sax interplay, are probably the pick of the bunch"

John Hinshelwood, Americana UK, the UK home for Alt-Country, Americana and Alternative.


Marking Time (c) 2007 Smiling Pig Records
Towing the Heart (c) 2005 BirdHouse Studios, INC.

Streaming Radio Play:
"Your Eyes Refuse to See"
Havenstad FM 104.1, Netherlands

Radio ISA, France

"Marking Time", "Lousiana Memories", "You Eyes Refuse to See"
MOJO DREAMS, Blues and Roots Radio
RADIO ZRO 106.2 FM ZelZate

Set List

Oringal Material Performed in Set List

Roller Derby Queen
She Sucks it Up
Louisiana Rain
Daddy You weren't Around
Butterfly Wings
I ain't Your Substitute
Shoebox Morning
Dark Days
Once the Glamour Fools You
Your Eyes Refuse to See
Begging for Your Heart
Marking Time
No Shame in Your Game
Louisiana Memories
Devil's Child
Eternal Now
Dark Days
MidNight Hook UP
Damage Done
Vancouver Vamp