Steven Colbert

Steven Colbert


Innovative guitar work and heavy lyricism.


Grew up in two completely different social atmospheres, which is largely what shapes my view on the world around me. My mother is also a poet, and a big influence on my writing.

In the past year I began recording an album with the record label Tantrum Niche. This has currently been placed on hold, but in the mean time, I am recorded my debut album with the The Frozen Food Section, another label with artists nationwide based in St. Louis.

I have played a lot of places with a lot of bands, ranging from Super Love Attack (formerly of Polyphonic Spree), MITcity (Toronto), to the Austin Outer Limits Tour at the Creepy Crawl with Casey Mcpherson (formerly of Endochine), Truepenny, and Damesviolet (all from Austin, TX) I mainly play shows with other singer/songwriters (most notably, Geoff Koch and Bo) and have recently played shows with both Southerly and Matt Hopper.

Influences musically:
Elliott Smith, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, Nas, Eminem, A Perfect Circle, Matchbox 20, just to give you an idea of how varied it is...


This Is Typical

Written By: Steven Colbert

This is typical
I found out too late
I'll go to town talking about what I learned today
Make my way back home
Where the bills haven't been paid
See the red letters and I can't do a thing
You can trust me, you know
But don't believe what I say
I shake in the night and am always awake
Nightmares come and go
The dream always stays
So what's the point of walking when you're standing in place

You're my angel
I love your scarred face
You don't know left from right
and you sure don't know your name
We both hate this twon
We both have to stay
You're burried in your books, I lost my job yesterday

Safe chemicals, you want this drug
I swear that I don't have it
It just gets in the way
It makes you dumb, makes you numb
The worst of what you thought that you could be
And I know because I've tried it

Look at the lone passenger still trapped inside
We know he doesn't breathe because he just likes to hide
He's the furthest from heaven that a poor man can get
So he sits all day, let him sit
And tomorrow is a hope that no one can promise
Believe me when I say that we haven't even started
To find a way to smile, and bring hope for today
You can't smile when there's nothing good here

If the world came crashing down
Right under my feet
I wouldn't stop talking because I never learned how to speak
You made me your man
and you broke me tonight
Anything is possible, but nothing is alright

Half Fictions

Written By: Steven Colbert

Last night no one went out
the cities lights are still on
and hey,
we made it to the morning
So I will make my bed
so I can sleep comfortably now
it's not too clean
but it looks pretty
and most of all, this cluster is now a tent
as high as the ceiling will allow it
and I threw away the rest

To say you were there is half fiction
I can say I did my best

At times we missed the point
and the whole world surrounding
laughed at this little boy
And you sped right past me again
I wait for gates to open
you let yourself right on in
So I will go to bed
I make my bed unmade
so I can stay awake again

To say I was kidding would be foolish
I can say I've learned but I've not

This is the end
you will never hear this played
and I threw away my pens
This time this bottle wont be missed
there's no such thing as danger or problems
when you're feeling quite like this
it's lovely to love what you miss
if it's never there around you
then it can never leave again

To say this is pathetic, yeah
no kidding
fights never start with a kiss
it's a moment in your life
you're too dumb to realize
that nothing is better than this

Too Excited

Written By: Steven Colbert

I know you could be my baby
so hold me down and cover my ears
cuz this ol' world is driving me crazy
I don't know why I
Make all of these stupid judgments
from the words I hear on TV
all these dancing lights and flashing colors
all seem so appealing

so I take my doses of medicine
and watch the world through a shaking head
oh so young but it's so easy
when you learn the hard way
I don't mind, no I'm not bothered
when I see food, I eat it too
but after that the shit is public
everyone is watching you

I spent a long time waiting for this
draining my pockets on liquid for another hoorah
and sleeping became a test
it's hard to sleep when you have no lights to turn off

sip three more because this is war
and no, my dad don't want to fight it
little girl, don't be alarmed
he'll come home when he's invited
I read the letter, read the clause
I guess it's been decided
so go to bed, yes rest your head head
we are all just too excited


Last Note of a Lonely Night (Tantrum Niche work in progress)

Go To Town Talkin' 'Bout What I Learned Today (Frozen Food Section)

Set List

Big City, These Ol' Nights Are supposed to Happen, Half Fiction, Slow Down, Calendar, Coffee and Cigarettes, This Is Typical, Somebody Say, The Story Isn't What You Need, Sarah's Song, Our Favorite Spot, Come Back Tomorrow, Exploding Cars, All The Pretty Girls Cry, The Perfect Lover, Folk Song #3, Start It Off Slow, If You Don't Mind..., This Town Allows It, They're Gonna Chase Us-They're Gonna Catch Us, 4321, Now It's Time To Turn Around, Faster Faster, I Wont Remember This In The Morning, One More For Today, I Wont Be There Tonight, Too Excited, On My Side

"Let Her Cry" - Hootie and the Blowfish
"Mr. Brightside" - The Killers