Steven Coley

Steven Coley

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I am a very young song-writer who can play all the instruments necessary to create a full-band sound, but I have learned to compose all the different instruments on my own in a recording. I have also gained somewhat of a following in my respective home-town, so I have plenty of stage experience.


I have spent that past 4-5 years trying to find my musical niche, so I rely alot on my favorite music growing up, but I also try to keep the melodies catchy. I actually taught myself how to play guitar, learning how to play by ear, so I have many songs written in my head, as well as a 10 song demo which was produced by a professional radio mixer. I probably wouldn't be able to go to far out of the south-east for a show, but if traveling a long ways is worth my while I'd be more than willing to drop any responsibilities.... Music is my life, I want nothing more than to become successful doing what I love. Also, my youger sister Suzanna performs with me, having the same natural tendencies of a great vocalist.


Steven Coley Project - 3 track EP produced 03/07
Steevie Sea Band - 12 track EP released 01/08

Set List

Candy Coated
Down to Four
My Best Friend's a Tutor
Something More

Covers: Last Dance with Mary Jane - Tom Petty
I Will Survive - Cake
3rd Planet - Modest Mouse
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground - White Stripes
Rocky Racoon - The Beatles