Steven Delopoulos

Steven Delopoulos


A fusion of: Cat Stevens, Harry Chapin, James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen, a bit of E Street Band, a shmidget of Ani DiFranco - wrapped up in a pretty package with Paul Simon being the wrapping paper and bow


Steven Delopoulos is founder and frontman of the quirky yet inspired late Burlap to Cashmere. On Me Died Blue, the first release from Eb + Flo, producer Monroe Jones' new label, he steps out on his own with a singer/songwriter album that should make his East Coast peers take notice. In fact, perhaps these folks should reexamine their motives for having that vocation. Hearing a record like this makes the listener realize that there are those who create from inspiration, a fierce devotion to excellence in craft, and a searing emotional honesty for the material to ring true. This happens while others, more well-known and perhaps jaded by time, too much or too little success, personal excesses, or boredom, just go through the motions and record album after album of literate but uninspired and predictable tomes about all the safe topics, leaving story and symbol to spirit away on the winds of history. The East Coast singer/songwriter scene has been in a creative stasis for a long time. Its most promising newcomer was Patty Griffin, but she moved to Texas. Simply put, people in this profession, and fanatic music fans in general, seldom get a debut album like this, where something so clean, genuine, artful, and inspired by greatness comes and falls in front of them. Delopoulos made a name for his band with his oddly off-center melodic structures that borrowed as heavily from his beloved traditional Greek folk music as from musical theater and the American singer/songwriter tradition as it came down from people like Harry Chapin, Fred Neil, David Ackles, Harry Nilsson, and others. --Thom Jurek, All Music Guide


Burlap to Cashmere
Anybody Out There? (1998)
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Steven Delopoulos
Me Died Blue (2003)
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Steven Delopoulos
Straightjacket (2007)