Steven Goodwin

Steven Goodwin

 New York City, New York, USA

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My band started as and still performs at times as a trio but can consist of up to 7 members..


A major snow storm was falling on Washington D.C., the roads were being closed, the entire area declared a state of emergency, and on that 29th night of late January an artist was born. It was a dramatic beginning to what has become the not so average life. From the age of 3 a guitar has been in these hands, every pain and every joy is expressed even if that meant life had to be an open book. After playing in numerous bands since the age of 13, Steven released his first self titled album in 2006 and followed that up in 2008 with Live at Strasburg Theatre which both he extensively toured and promoted throughout D.C., Baltimore, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York City, Nashville and St.Louis to name a few. With the 3rd album now released it is time to get back to the stage after a little break from the busy Summer of 2012.. Be on the lookout for some intimate solo acoustic shows as well as the experience of Steven Goodwin' Messed Up Little World...


Steven Goodwin - 2006

1. Remember
2. I Hate Myself
3. Midnight Train
4. Snakes
5. The Man You Love To Hate
6. Angel Of Mine
7. To Steal Your Heart
8. Slave Generation
9. All I Want From You
10. The Junkies

Live at Strasburg Theatre - June 28th 2008

1. If You Don't Love Me
2. Deep In The Soul
3. Me N My Friends
4. Lovesick Lullabies
5. Dirty Little Secrets
6.Booking Agent
7. So Many Questions
8. Midnight Train
9. The Junkies
10. Remember
11. *Voodoo Chile*

Shot In The Dark - 2012

1. I Be Crushin'
2. Hard Times
3. Another Night
4. The Ballad of Nyc
5. Take The Good With The Bad
6. Pretty Little Soul
7. When It Rains
8. Me N My Friends
9. Dirty Little Secrets
10. If You Don't Love Me
11. Lovesick Lullabies
12. Cold Hearted Bitch