Steven Hansen & The Wounded Dog's Choir
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Steven Hansen & The Wounded Dog's Choir

Band Rock Acoustic


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"Album Review"

This album is a deeply satisfying experience that get's better the closer and the longer you listen. The production is excellent and showcases Hansen's studio talents nicely. On the surface, it's easy on the ear but, unlike so much our there, has depth and passion that sustain prolonged listening. The individual arrangements of the songs are good but it's the emotional "Sturm und Drang" of the whole album that strikes me. It starts off with a spiritually themed folk ballad, "Crossing Jordan," and quickly descendes into an emotionally intense and turbulent blues ballad, "Your Gonna Lose," in which Hansen seems to channel the vocal abilities of Chris Cornell. "Lonely's Never Good" is a stylistic, coffee-and-cigarrete sounding piece of jazz that chronicles the emotional depths of longing and lust. The soft and beautiful, "Truitt's World" has become one of my favorite songs on the album. It, more than any other song I've ever heard, captures the essence of "boyness" in simple and beautiful lyrics accompanied by complex guitar picking that awaken feelings in me I thought long forgotten. "Lady Fair" is an upbeat and playful blues/jazz ballad with a catchy chorus and a male Fiona Applesque vocal. "Can't Tomorrow Wait" is a mix between a folk ballad and rock symphony. It doesn't seem to know (or care) which it wants to be yet somehow works brilliantly. It's a powerful song. Beginning with "The Drive," the record takes an unusual turn and combines a 70's-style "Ponch and John" horn section with a groovy cha-cha beat and jazzy vocals. The horns on this song really pop and the lyrics are a metaphor for spiritual liberation and breaking free: "She shifted into drive and finally took control." "Another chance" is pure rock romance. "No. 9" is one of the freshest reggae songs I've heard in a long time. But what in the hell is a reggae song doing on this album?!!! But when I think about it, it's not really a reggae song; Hansen transforms it and makes it his own. "Walking Away," is the last song on the album, and in many ways, Hansen has saved the best for last. Hansen cuts loose on vocals in this Jason Mraz/Maroon 5 blend of p-phunk, hip hop (is that a beat box?!!), and disco. I give this album 4 stars and not five because, at only ten songs, the record tantalizes you and leaves you wanting more. It will be interesting to see where Hansen will take us next
- The Unknown God


author: William
Steven’s CD is a collection of music as diverse as his home city, Austin, Texas. From the truly beautiful “Crossing Jordan” with its poignant lyrics to the groovy, flowing “Walking Away,” the CD is a magnificent exploration of musical styles. Despite the variance in musical offerings, all ten tracks still mesh perfectly together to form a coherent experience that will make you forget you even own other CDs. “Your Gonna Lose” is definitely one of my favorite songs on the CD, despite the editorial faux pas in the title (should be “you’re” instead of “your”). The song humorously explains that, when forced to choose between the girl and the music he loves, the girl is “gonna lose.” Steven’s vocal talent is a key element in the production and doesn’t get lost in the ensemble of different instruments accompanying him. This CD has at least one track for everyone and I guarantee it’ll grow on you as you realize the depth conveyed in every song. I’m glad after all these years of audio engineering for others Steven has finally engineered and released a masterpiece of his own. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for any future releases from Steven Hansen!

"Live Radio Performance"

I had Steven and his band come in to perform on my public radio show, Some Call it Folk, on KEDT/KVRT FM, Corpus Christi and Victoria Texas. Performing only original tunes, such as " Another Chance", "Truitts World" and "You're Gonna Lose". Steven and crew delivered a very exciting and dynamic show for my listeners. I could tell that Steven has spent lots of time in the recording studio as he was very comfortable in the radio station, and his dynamic delivery was well received, as evidenced by the number of phone calls that came in from my regular listeners, plus some first time callers to the station. Steven was a joy to have in the studio, and I look forward to having him come in again.

Brad Brown Host Some Call it Folk KEDT/KVRT - KEDT/KVRT 90.3 FM (Brad Brown)


Steven Hansen - The Wounded Dog's Choir



The Wounded Dog's Choir AKA "The Choir" was born in Austin, Texas and has been building a strong following through concerts and CD Sales since 2007. The Genre is "Acoustic Rock" but this band is not confined or defined by genre. Their sound is a beautiful fusion of rustic rock and tight musical arrangements flavored with tight harmonies and a strong lead vocal.

"Our Lyrics are real life and maybe a little dreamy at times but rooted in human experience."