Steven Hollerup

Steven Hollerup


Refreshing acoustic folk.


I am influenced by such a variety of music, including mostly singer/songwriters. I grew up listening to the Beatles, the Doors, Led Zepplin, etc which has all rubbed off on me from the beginning. Ben Harper I would say has to be one of my greatest influences to date. I feel my voice is my most important and powerful instrument I control. I can either play an acoustic set just myself for a more mellow sound.. or include Dave (also on guitar and vocals) for a more funky beat. At this point, I am also in works with a drummer and I now also can add that to any set.


Dancin' in the Rain EP will be released soon!!

Set List

My sets are generally about an hour or more if needed. I do have several originals as well as cover songs. I cover Ben Harper, Sublime, Jack Johnson, Johnny Cash, etc.