Steve LaTourrette

Steve LaTourrette


Steve LaTourrette is a one man songwriting force with a long list of eager supporting musicians that stretch across the globe. His band line up may change from year to year, but one thing remains constant - his incredible knack for crafting authentic, moving, songs.


Steve LaTourrette has been writing and performing his music since before most of his supporting cast
learned to play their instruments. Lyrically, his songs are rich with life experience - not the type
written by a first year songwritter. Musically, his songs are rich with the roots of Delta Blues which
sometimes lean towards rock and roll while at other times leaning towards a more country feel. Ask Steve where his songs come from and he'll tell you he doesn't know. They come out a 3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon, and all hours inbetween. This is why he keeps a guitar within arms reach in every room of his house.

Although Steve recently completed his first fully produced studio album, he's no stranger to the
recording studio or stage. He's been writing for and performing with many well known artists across the
globe for several decades. Today, he stands before the dawn of a new chapter in his life of music.


"Steve LaTourrette" - An acoustic based "Roots" album of folk and blues.

"Add Salt to Your Wound" - Another wonderful "Roots" album of folk and blues.

"Tell Me Something" - Steve's first fully produced studio album featuring an extremely talented studio supporting cast. A must listen!

Set List

Most of Steve's shows are wonderfully intimate solo performances - this represents Steve at his best.

Depending on the city, venue, and show, he may turn up with an accompaniest such as guitarist,
harmonicist, percussionist, or even violinist. Regardless of the line up, it's difficult not to notice
how comfortable Steve is in his element: the stage and the spotlight.

For Steve, trying to determain a set list is like walking into a grocery store and trying to determain what's for dinner. There are so many songs in his repertoire that most of his set lists are determained on stage. He considers his audience, he considers his mood, then plays the songs he feels are most appropriate for the time. This, along with his well-seasoned skills as a singer-songwriter, brings a wonderful element of spontineity to his performances that help to set him apart from just another songwriter performing on stage.