Steven Nix

Steven Nix

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA
BandAlternativeHip Hop

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Written By: Steven Nix


Growing weary of these fucking echoes, and there it goes
My voice bouncing through these empty spaces, with no home
No end no receipt and no heart to fill
And no one here to lend me a mutha fuckin ear
Void of flesh and possession, they’ve left me they’re all gone
Just blank walls, empty spaces, and the same song
Did I see you, I saw you, I think my sanity’s left too
These Echoes keep me company, like someone to talk to
I saw you, what did I see, I’m closing my eyes though
Oh yea and don’t fuckin speak, be still and make no noise
Like bullets that ricochet, these Echoes seek to penetrate
I cover my ears in fear, protecting my sanity
Shadows and figures appear in hear with the slightest sound
Bury me in silence deeper and deeper until I drown
I’m hangin from a thin line and ready to let go
I’m ready to run and hide, but I can’t escape the echoes

Peace and quiet, find my mind
Lock the door and leave this place behind
It’s only temporary I know, I must return back to this home
I close the door soft, creepin around in my socks
Haunting echoes on these walls, primed and ready to jump off
Haunting silence before, the aftermath of a lightning flash
That rumbling thunder, that’s the echoes that laugh
So patient are they, and forever they’ll wait
Never tire, grow week, or sleep, or take a break
Just ready pounce, move around at the slightest sound
Frolic and play start shit and bounce around
And then they bite – tear – rip - chew you up and spit you out
So that damn paranoia’s got a little more clout
Sketchy and skittish, who was it who is it man
I’m right here quiet, who done it who did it man
Lights out, under covers, my head under pillow
In the dark, out of sight, now my thoughts begin to echo

No refuge, no relief, and no reprieve
It’s like the reverb, is on my dreams, when I’m asleep
I can’t shake it, I fuckin hate this, glitch in the matrix
Like a dust devil, dry, violent, but never silent
It’s like de ja vu, every time that I move
I’ll say it again, fuck you, and fuck these echoes too
Time to wake up, and get to paddin these walls
Make a real loony bin, where no echo can live in
Silence, I will survive
Move on and make a new life
Void of the empty strife, and filled with Jesus Christ
One day these echoes will be a thing of the past
I will speak easy
Move freely
Be clumsy
And have the last laugh
With no worry about the effects or the aftermath
I will finally be cured of these echoes at last