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Into Your Eyes

Written By: Alan Eaglesham

Verse 1:
I gotta say, that I can’t make, sense of what all your words relate to,
Once they’re said, they’re in my head,
And they will stay there till I’m dead,
I never could, make out your moods; it’s not so easily understood,
When you can’t make a demand,
And I never know just where I stand.

But I wanna fly into your eyes,
I wanna go to the place that you hide,
I wanna see just how you feel when you’re alone.

Verse 2:
Summers have come, summers have gone, and we never seemed to get it on,
But life goes on with chilling aplomb,
Won’t stop till everything has gone,
I wanted more than you could give, couldn’t believe that you were with,
Some sweet soul who’d give you his all,
But I could have done the same and more.


Verse 3:
What about God, where has he been, when the nightmares stole our dreams,
He can’t be blamed for choices we made,
When we were young and so afraid,
Dark ages come, they’re on the way, tell you about this good idea,
That I had, we could be free,
And life could be good for you and me.

Teasing Me

Written By: Alan Eaglesham

Verse 1:
You can draw your own conclusions
Or paint whatever fills your head,
You act with wild confusion
Just listen to the things you’ve said,
We come from different parties
Where people never look the same,
They don’t know just what the heart is
Or half of all the things they say, half of all the things they say.

Baby says she knows about life; she says she knows about me,
Baby says she knows about life; she says that nothing comes free,
How ‘bout that for a reason, who you trying to please.

Verse 2:
I’ve seen your face before
But I just can’t put a name to you,
I’ve met your kind of bore
And all your hopeless stories too,
If I could explain God
I wouldn’t be standing here,
Listening with a frequent nod
And wishing I could disappear, wishing I could disappear


Bridge :
Ahhhh you’re teasin’ me, you’re teasin’me

Verse 3:
The light breaks through the curtain
Time is never on my side,
Where I go from here I’m not certain
But sleep it isn’t on my mind,
You act as if you’ve known me
For a thousand years or more,
Another side you’ve shown me
My mind it is an open door, mind it is an open door

Chorus + bridge to fade