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Most of my music is upbeat pop rock, fun music in familiar genres that cross over each other. Some rock, folk/country, R&B, and ballads, and nearly all the songs would do well produced in any genre or style. I don't write depressing songs as a rule.


I'm a contemporary of the band Kansas, having spent my teen years as friends with a couple of their members and jamming with them at times. I started performing music by imitating Bob Dylan, then The Beatles and garage band music of the 60s. I was a DJ on radio and in night clubs during the disco era and learned to appreciate funky beats. I've mostly been an acoustic guitar guy, but with the advent of computer-driven multi-track recording, I am now a one-man band.


Bedroom Eyes

Written By: Steven Ralph Cowell

Copyright 2002 by Steve Cowell

It's a busy life we live
And there's only so much we can give
Sometimes we lose track of what it's all about
But no excuse is good enough
To deny ourselves the time for love
So now's the time to do what we can't do without

Put on your bedroom eyes and your sweetest smile
Let me gaze upon your face awhile
In the candle glow, I'm hypnotized
Put on your bedroom eyes

When we go our different ways
There are far too many crazy days
We lose ourselves in work and all the problems there
But when it's over, we come home
And we finally get to be alone
I take you in my arms and I don't have a care
(I fall into your arms)
(You take me in your arms)


Little pleasures that we share
Make us feel like such a perfect pair
No one else could ever make me feel this way
When I taste your lips on mine
I can sometimes lose all track of time
Little kisses grow and soon we're swept away



Rock My World

Written By: Steven Ralph Cowell

Copyright 2003 by Steve Cowell

She wants to show she loves me, but she doesn't quite know how
She's never had a dad before, no man around the house
My hugs and kisses make her wince
But afterwards she always grins
She isn't totally convinced that we're all family now
She doesn't have my nose or eyes
She's already her full-grown size
She came to me so late in life
But she's still my little girl
And she'll always rock my world

I didn't know her as a tot; I missed her early years
I wasn't there to watch her grow or dry her tiny tears
I didn't bounce her on my knee
Or teach her how to climb a tree
She never learned to come to me to soothe her pains and fears
It isn't always easy to adjust and get along
Sometimes she seems to look at me as if I don't belong
But I can see in little ways
She's more like me each passing day
Her mannerisms illustrate my influence is strong

Old Habits Die Hard

Written By: Steven Ralph Cowell

Copyright 2001 by Steve Cowell

I've been around a long, long time so I've been in love before
I may have broke a couple hearts but mine's been broke ten times more
From every woman I have known, I have learned my lessons well
Cause every time I thought I found Heaven it turned out to be Hell
So I learned to play it safe
And I learned to be on guard
And I learned to expect the worst
And those old habits die hard
They die hard

Most women that I have known didn't treat me very kind
Some thought they could cheat on me and then some just robbed me blind
And most often they didn't want my affections every night
And some thought it was good clean fun to be always in a fight
So I learned to watch my back
And I learned to hide my cards
And I learned to defend myself
And those old habits die hard
They die hard

We all learn from experience
And we've all been played for fools
You think you know how to play the game
Then they go and change the rules

Now finally I’ve found real love ever since you came along
And now it seems everything I thought I knew turns out to be wrong
You love me like nobody before so I don't know what to do
Cause all the lessons that I had learned somehow don't apply to you
So I don't need to play it safe
And I don't need to be on guard
And I shouldn't expect the worst
But those old habits die hard
And I don't need to watch my back
And I don't need to hide my cards
And I don't need to defend myself
But those old habits die hard
They die hard
They die hard
Old habits die hard


I have not released anthing publicly for sale since my first LP in 1971, "Steve Cowell's Contra-Band" on my own label, Karma Records. However, in 2003 I was releasing a new song nearly every month on and each of the first 10 songs released went to #1 on their genre charts. I am still promoting those songs to puiblishers and have gotten some good feedback but no offers yet.

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I don't perform live at this time.