Steven R. Arntson

Steven R. Arntson


Steven Arntson is a singer, songwriter, and concertina soloist who writes virtuosic, classically influenced folk music for the 30 button Anglo concertina; he performs in basements, punk houses, and on sidewalks throughout the Northwest.


Steven Arntson resides in Seattle, Washington, where he teaches college-level music theory and English. A musical omnivore, Steven enjoys everything from Woody Guthrie to Arnold Schoenberg to Jethro Tull, and his unusual approach to composition benefits from a wide interest in world traditions as well, especially Eastern European musics.


A Muddy Heart

Written By: Steven Arntson

Creak the hinges
Of this poor door.
To be born is a humble art
Fit for a muddy heart.

A boulevard of stolen trees:
Do you think it's possible to be good?
To be caring?
It is no use trying.

Remember the man you thought you'd be;
That's all there is to know.
You have failed.
You have failed.
You have failed.
You have failed!


Steven released his debut album, The Devil's Dreamworld, for free at the Internet Archive. To date, it has been downloaded 34,000 times. A .pdf including all of the sheet music from the album is available as well.

Set List

Sets are between 20 minutes and 1 hour in length.

A Typical Set:
4min Don't You Want to Go to Heaven, Uncle Sam?
4min The Devil's Dreamworld
5min A Muddy Heart
3min House of Earth
12min The Emerald Arms
4min Life on the Odyssean Wave
8min The Song that Contains King Ludd's Theme