Steven Shanks

Steven Shanks


Beautiful, Raw and Honest ... that has been the goal from day one.


Earlier today I read a friend's Bio page. It was carefully crafted in the third person and I realized that I wanted nothing to do with that type of bio.
So, here I am a singer/songwriter based out of Columbus, OH. I write about my life's experiences and tell my tales through song. Sometimes it is a pregnancy scare or the loss of a loved one or the loss of one's self.
In no way are these new experiences. Others have had them and that is where I hope I can connect to my audience, by telling a familiar story with a pretty melody to make it go down easy.


Set List

A typical set is about 45 minutes to an hour though I have played the length of 2 hours before.

It is typically filled with all originals and maybe a cover or two.