Steven Strausbaugh

Steven Strausbaugh


I have a background in music from a very young age. I switched to writing lyrics only several years ago. Large library of personal original writings available for anyone looking to write their own music.


Most of my writing would suit country music best. Definitely possibly to use in other genres as well.


Drinking cause you're driving me crazy

Written By: Steven Strausbaugh

When I see you here in my part of town
Struttin your stuff like you're the best thing around
You got your head in the clouds and your nose in the sky
So I just laugh as I walk on by
Thinkin about

All the times you sent me to my knees
All the times I was beggin you please
When I look back, well, all I can say
Is I'm drinkin cause you're drivin me crazy

When you don't take my calls and you think you're so good
Let me tell you something that noone else would
You aint nothin special you dont deserve me
It's always been easy for my friends to see

All the times you sent me to my knees
All the times I was beggin you please
When I look back, well, all I can say
Is I've been drinkin cause you've been drivin me crazy

The funny thing is it'll hit you someday
When I'm off and gone somewhere far away
The roles will be switched and you'll be the one
While I'm out on my own girl, having my fun
You'll be drinkin cause it's drivin you crazy.

Oh and you'll be beggin me please
But I'll just have my mind at ease
Far away from any thought of you
You just go do what you want to do
When you go and look back, well, all I can say
Is you'll be drinkin cause you treated me crazy.

© 2008 Steve Strausbaugh

Why can't we change?

Written By: Steven Strausbaugh

We've got bailouts and parachutes but what's it all for
Why are we stuck in the middle of war
Television don't tell us what we need to hear
Religious folks think that the end may be near

So why cant we change what's going on here
Even when our problems are out in the clear
People sit around for days and talk about change
While the middle man gets nothing but the same

Wall Street and Main Street are not the same thing
The leader to the table still has nothing to bring
We sit and we watch the days go on by
While the US of A slowly loses it's pride