Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor


Variety of pop rock songs that include a few genres.
Easy to listen to and capture the ear straight away.
These songs will please both mainstream and hard rocking ears without question.


In 2000 I co formed a band called Breen which became Dreamshifter in 2001.
Dreamshifter had moderate success with various record deals in Australia and overseas.
The band travelled over seas a number of times which included a show case at MIDEM (Canne, France) and various venues in New York.
Bad management was the demise of Dreamshifter in 06.
I then joined a band called Tripgauge which was renamed Delsanto in 2007, the band split soon after in 2008 and has recently reformed with two new members.
During this time I have been working on a solo album which I have written and recorded most of the tracks myself using an 8 track recording device.
I have recently been approached by Amurco records who are currently using some of my tracks in their catalogue where they will be played in high street stores across the UK and potentially the world next year.
Please Note: I own all the rights to my music.


On Your Own (Single) Air Play on jjj, mmm and various others.

Dreamshifter, More Real (ep) Air Play on jjj, mmm and various others.

Delsanto (ep) Air Play on jjj, mmm and various others.