Steven Williams

Steven Williams


Beautiful, complex, layered melody driven loop-based acoustic pop, played with strummed, percussed, and bowed guitars, meshing the genres of folk, indie pop, baroque, math rock, and slowcore. Perhaps a bit like Radiohead or Sigur Ros meets Pachelbel or Vivaldi.


Steven's music can be described many ways... striking, visual, moving, beautiful. Steven utilizes a loop recording pedal and such oddities as a violin bow and ebow along with interesting strummed percussions, all with a single acoustic guitar, creating layered, deceptively intricate, and often mesemerizing music. Ultimatley more or less label defiant, his music mixes elements of folk, slowcore, math rock and pop into a unique blend of haunting melodies and wistful, ironic lyrics.

Steven is a native New Englander, born on Boston's south shore (S. Weymouth to be precise), and residing in the Portland, Maine area for a majority of his life, mostly in the town of Yarmouth, where he attended High School and was a 1988 grad of YHS. A classically trained singer, and long a tenor 1 and 2 in various choruses in schools and elsewhere, Steven recieved a guitar as a christmas present when he was 14, and immediately started writing music for the guitar. Long interested in Theatre (Steven has a BA in Theatre from the University of Southern Maine), music was never far away and through High School and College Steven was in a number of bands that played everything from REM covers to thrash punk, heavily influenced by 80's style alternative music like Camper Van Beethoven, Husker Du, Pixies, The Cure, Dinosaur Jr, and many others.

Heading into 2004, Steven had been experimenting with bowing a guitar for some time but it wasnt until he attended a Magnetic Fields show in Boston on May of 2004 that his musical path was forever changed. That nights' opener was a performer named Andrew Bird, who's performances are based around live looped violin tracks accompanied by such things as guitar and glockenspeil, creating immensely detailed and satisfying live compositions. Steven bought a loop station shortly thereafter. A year and a half later and Steven has developed a set of beautifully detailed and composed pieces of music based around bowed, strummed and looped guitar, and vocals.


"Yeah OK" (2006) full length studio CD in production, to be released on Cat & Mouse Records in March of 2006, details at

"Know You" (2005) 6 song live EP recorded January 7, 2005 at Acoustic Coffee, Portland, ME. Streamed audio is available at

Set List

Can play a set anywhere from 15 mins to 2 hours, all originals, no covers.