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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Rock


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On this first Transitions episode of Spring we’re bursting on to the scene with a hot new band Steve-Onpoint and The One-Party System! This music mix is made up of Tony “Catastrophe” Flagiello on drums, Dion Paci on guitar, Steve Lynn on bass, and Ryan Aloisi on keyboards. Among the member’s many celebrity meetings, Tony has shared stages with George Clinton, Iggy Pop, NIN and Slipknot. Ryan Aloisi has been the music production manager for Paul Shaffer and Late Show with David Letterman as well as several, music hot spots in and around Philly. Listen to some of their hit songs live on the Transitions stage!

But you want more than a music fix, don’t you? Listen up for Dan in our current events segment to hear the latest on the U.S. involvement in Libya and our personal thoughts on the government efforts round the world. On And…Lights Up, Janene will give some transitional Hollywood Cinderella stories about what your favorite stars did before they hit the limelight. Cally will be giving us thoughts on blossoming into new relationships and styles this spring on Relationships, Dating, and Complaining! - Transitions Radio

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Black Landlord just keeps getting better. I heard the rumors and they are true. The lyrics are better than ever. One about waking up curled around the toilet in the morning "i must like it cuz i keep doing it" and multi-lingual flirting are highlights of the newest songs for me. They take the flirtation to the next level when they sing "let my lips do the talking" and there is mention of naked curves and the best thing I think is that every word counts in this song. There are no slacker words, a picture is a painted, a hottie is hopefully wooed and you are along for the ride.

They have tapped into a great well of energy, feeding off the crowd and then returning the energy soulified. What other band feeds the hungry like they do? Who else proves their love for the hip hop inhabitants like the LORD? where else are you dancing with a crazy pickle man, playing volley ball with roller girls, quenching your thirst with the finest local beers and hanging out with Philly's favorite philosopher and sprit guardian Fergie?

The day started out with AZN north phillies most dangerous Cambodians and they made people leave the shade to bop their heads in the sun which is saying something when it's 90 out. 130 is a tough time to rock, but they did. 2:00 is more of the same, but Steve-Onpoint and the one party system were also up to the challenge. Here was another performer who oozed belief, like the LORD was later to do, he was bouncing up and down with ever beat, jammin air guitar right along with the band and again bringing peeps into the sunshine. The energy was to continue all throughout the day and it was almost like the sixties up in that place with modern day hippies carrying on the traditions of the flower children, albiet dressed a bit more cleanly, this is northern liberties....

I caught a few songs from at your service and they play their instruments the way you are supposed to play them, loud, kind of a wall of noise, but don't call it jazz because they dont like that.

There was an intersting band with three initials that were also lyrically fun with just the right amount of guitar noises and the fellows playing "get your shackamax on" got the girlies dancing and twirling and did a great job. But I'm not a professional reviewer, I do this for giggles, sorry if I didn't shout you out but the volley ball was very distracting and there was an air conditioner and a phillies game and ukranian women who think im sexy, so.

The LORD looked like the genuine article this summer evening. You feel a destiny about them, their shit is tight and getting tighter. Al was a force of nature, I think I saw him percolating at one point, bouncing around like a mad man and adding his distinctive bark to the tracks. I've never seen him better, the whole band is peaking on the vibe in the air that this shit is for real. The unemployed guitarist brought out some tasty licks and some pornographic guitar meets railing shit that was definitely NC-17. The horns on some of the new tracks are startlingly F-I-N-E. You kinda are used to how great the sound is on your old favorites, but the new shit was like what? Wow. And they finally seem to have come to terms with the fact that "Mea Culpa" is a party anthem. I'm telling you now they are onto something, they have the tiger by the tail and are flinging him around right now. If they are approaching the studio as professionally as they did this show then we are in for some reall tasty ear candy in the near future...... - bakeowski

Friday, August 27, 2010

Someone handed me a coupla CD's thinking they were worthy of the considerations from THE WORLD"S MOST IMPORTANT BLOG.

Steve-onpoint is a Goatbeastie, the bastard hybrid of some drug fuelled barnyard coupling between the two most verbally dextrous groups from the region who everybody loves and saw and tells friends about how cool they were back when they saw the dudes live when they were blowing everyone's minds. He even somehow arranges a mini Goats reunion on the third track of his FREE cd "Cliche". Part of the reason is to avoid lawsuits and the other part is to just get his shit out there so the people can hear what he can do. Be warned. The shit sticks to your brain.

He's added layers upon layers to these tracks which should come with a written source material list because you are going to go crazy trying to remember where you heard some of these samples from especially if some of your memory problems are from california presciption grade medications.

"Cliche" is alot of fun and I think saves it's best track for last when he goes all Barry White on us and does some love music about sharing someone's ass with a couple of paraphrase a local wordsmith "if my boy steve's got it then we can have it, he's got it got it," He does politcal stuff, badass stuff and is so sensitive to his fellow man that he even apologizes to imagined cellmates who may think hes the bee's knee's with a firm but polite no. (Which seems to contradict the first track which claims he will wear his pants at half mast on the corner in order to get shit done, but hes an artist and maybe hes using some fancy slang that im not hip to or something)....Also im a huge fan of his little ditty about DUI. sounds like he and his crew had alot of fun putting this project together and it is the kind of mind stimulation that you don't get much of in these days of sanskrit raps. He even references the secret Reptiles who run the world and thats just the kind of educating that this country needs.

Then I listened to his "One Party System. Now I want to punch Steve in the face. The first track seems to be directed at government officials who don't know how to spell his name. I'm guessing the Drivers Licensing people. (now the hyphen)
Then he starts kicking ass and taking names.

The punch in the face is for the track about whatever the fuck "ricky bo bo say vitch" is. He says he will let the rap define it and gives you ciphers and half answers. So you hit repeat and try to really listen to it because, by now, you really want to know who or what Ricky Bobosayvitch is. And then it's stuck in your brain. And then you ask someone what it means and all you get are blank looks. He is soooo enjoying a complimentary knockle sammich.....

Real hip hop shit, lyrical nuggets and flashbacks, fun and serious all at the same time, this was time well spent and both are great additions to my shuffle.

Posted by bakeowski at 6:30 PM - bakeowski


1. So Phar Removed
2. Steve-Onpoint & The One-Party System
3. Spiekenspel
4. Steve-Onpoint & Billy Kilgannon Are So CLICHé



Steve-Onpoint & The One-Party System

Producer, Writer, and Performer: Steve-Onpoint's talent breaks the mold in music where everything seems to sound the same these days. His words are based on real life issues; themes that surround everyone. It's no surprise that Steve-Onpoint's work has been noticed by the likes of Ad-Rock and MCA of Beastie Boys, The Goats, and Black Landlord just to name a few. He's promoting songs from two, new Steve-Onpoint albums with the help of his One-Party System, an all-star band.

Steve-Onpoint's One-Party System consists of Tony "Catastrophe" Flagiello on drums, Dion Paci on guitar, Steve Lynn on bass, and Ryan Aloisi on keyboards. Tony has shared stages with George Clinton, Maceo Parker, Iggy Pop, G-Love, Fishbone, NIN and Slipknot. Dion Paci has worked with artists like John Medeski, Calvin Weston, and Ween. Steve Lynn has recorded with Bob Dreher, Brett Krull, Paul Ramsey, and Earl Slick. And Ryan Aloisi has been the music production manager for Paul Shaffer and Late Show with David Letterman as well as several, music hot spots in and around Philly. You're bound to get a great show with this line-up.

For more information, visit Steve-Onpoint at and