Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer


Classic coffeehouse folk- 'like Tom Waits without the Cigarettes and Whiskey'.


Honest, unvarnished and inspiring, Steve Palmer takes us back to an earlier era when singers didn't need to plug into an amp to make their point, artists like Tom Paxton, Eric Anderson and Ian and Sylvia regularly made the charts and music was less about image and all about integrity. Original and Traditional roots music served up in a wood smoked tenor accompanied by deft emotive picking. “A gently timbered voice backed by some very stellar playing.”- Gary Fjellgaard, "Nice Playing!"- Valdy, "This guy's the real deal, the real down home folk roots" Lorenzo


Jesus On Mainstreet

Written By: S.Palmer

V1. I thought I saw Jesus On Main Street
Walkin' to a shufflin' beat
He had Soul, Mama, he had Soul
Talkin' to the Hips and Freaks
Puttin' down this cool mystique
Like He knows- What He knows

Bd. Everyone can see the walls between us
What Keeps you in sometimes keeps you out
Everyone deserves an explanation
Why some do with and some without
What this world is all about
And how come He's out there standin'in the rain

V2. Thought I saw the Virgin Mary
Packin' groceries at the Cash and Carry
With a smile so sweet it shook me to my toes
I thought I saw Jesus on Main Street
Lookin' like you, lookin' like me
He was a poor boy a lon g way from home
Tag: He was a long poor boy
a long way from home

Morning Road

Written By: S. Palmer

V1. I'm as fresh as a daisy
Everything's crazy
Feeling that Morning glow
Putting your love in my pocket
Next to me heart and soul
I'm getting ready
Been going steady
Still got a few miles to go
I'm getting the new day started
I'm taking the Morning Road

Bd1. Now the sunlight touches the valley
Comment- Allez- Vous?
Saying hello to the morning
Bringing it home to you
I've got the key to the highway
I'm booked up and ready to roll
I'm Getting the new day started
Out on the Morning Road

Bd2. Now the sun shines up on the mountain
Pointing the way to go
Up with the dawn- Gettin' it on
Finding my way back home
Nothing but blue sky above me
Nothing but love in my soul
I'm getting the new day started
I'm taking the Morning Road
I'm getting this new day started
Out on the Morning road

Let It Shine

Written By: S. Palmer

V1. This little lights gonna shine for me
Help me through this night
This old heart better keep on beating
'Til I get it right
I wanna let it shine
Until that bright tomorrow
Let it Shine
I would beg steal or borrow to
Let It Shine

V2. This old heart's been a friend to me
He's taken what I've given
Been knocked down a time or two
Lord he keeps on ticking
Gonna Let It Shine
Until that bright tomorrow
Let It Shine

Bd. If you're standing in the shadow
There's no hiding from the light
And if I'm weary from my travels, lord
I'm holding steady, right on track, I'm still ready don't hold me back-

Refrain: Let It Shine Shine Shine
'Til that Bright tomorrow'
Let It Shine...
Take away my sorrows
Let It Shine ...
I would Beg Steal or Borrow
To let It Shine

It's a Wonderful Night

Written By: S. H. Palmer

V1.It's a wonderful night
The Moon came shining at my window
A fabulous sight
Bathing the world in a moonglow
I've got some time I've been wasting 'round here
I think I'll go where it's perfectly clear
It's a wonderful night- the moon is shining on me

V2.The stars are so bright
They twinkle and glow all above me
It's a feeling so right
It's a feeling like somebody loves me
Somewhere in the back of my Nebulous mind
There's a secret I've been hoping to find
On a wonderful night
The star's shining on me

Bd. Why couldn't it be this way?
The Moon shining bright
Stars in my eyes
and I'm on my way...

It's a wonderful night
The moon's shining on me...

Going Home

Written By: S.H. Palmer

V1. I'm going back to my old home town
Wish I could be there tonight
Though there's no one left there to pick up the phone
Or to leave on a light
But I could be there just about dawn
How that Sun would rise
As it lights up all of my dusty old mem'rys
Makes them shine so bright

Cho: Going Home
I'll be there by the break of day
Going Home-I'll be on my way

V2. the places I once knew that I thought I outgrew
I'm betting now there all gone
And the people I meet there will just see a stranger
If they still remember my name
'Cos Time is a gamble and I've had my chances
I know I've left it too long
But there's something I need and it keeps calling me
Back to my old home town

Ch. Going Home...

Tag: I've been doing OK
I've been making it pay
I'm not gonna put it all down
But there's something I need And it keeps calling me
Back to my old home town


2008 CD 'Morning Road'
2006 CD 'Roots and Strings'
2004 CD 'From Here To Nashville'
"My kind of music!" Paul Mills Borealis Records
Morning Road #3 Top 10 Folk/Roots CFBX "Morning Road glows"-Overground Underground
"CBC likes Roots and Strings"- Mark Rheaume
Roots and Strings is "A jewel of an album"- Del Vezeau Penguin Eggs
Roots and Strings #3 CFBX Top 30, #5 CHLY
From Here To Nashville"the finest piece of Americana to cross my desk from any direction!" Lionel Rault CKUA

Set List

1, 2, or 3 sets, 60/40 Original. 30 to 90 minutes total. SAMPLE SET- Open on 6 string: Blind Blake's Rag (Instrumental), Welcome Back-Come On In (Original), The Old Gospel Ship (Carter Family). Jesus On Main Street (Original), Buckdancer's Choice (Instrumental), Morning Road (Original), It's a Wonderful Night (Original), My Old Home Town (Original), Cannonball Rag (Instrumental)
12 String- Freight Train Boogie (Delmore Bros.), Calico Girl (Original), Let It Shine (Original), Educated Touch (Original), Sing a long-Wild Mountain Thyme (Traditional), Walk On (Brownie McGhee)