Steve Palmer Band

Steve Palmer Band


The group plays with country sensibilities and a rock urgency and tempo. Poignant down home lyrics, soulful dynamic vocals and soaring instrumentals encapsulate this emerging band that’s sure to rock any venue with any crowd.



To move forward Steve Palmer had to look back. The lifelong singer and songwriter’s childhood love of country music has caught up to him in the most unlikely of vehicles- a U-Haul truck. Once a solo performer, he’s currently backed by DC area veterans and new doors are opening that were once out of reach. Now Palmer and crew are ready to knock on Nashville’s door with a country rock sound that pays homage to country’s capital.

For years Palmer was a solo guy playing when he could, working a 9-5 job to put food on the family’s table. But his passion for music inevitably overcame him and he musically documents how he left the work-a-day world behind to pursue his dream in the title track of Stuck in a U-Haul.

The dream had been with him for most of his life. “From the moment I saw a friend’s guitar at 12 years old I was mesmerized by it,” recalls Palmer. “I gravitated towards self-teaching, working out songs and playing them as opposed to learning theory and chord progressions.

“I didn’t care about any of that. All I cared about was the song.”

Palmer has a quintessential do-it-yourself spirit that is in every song he plays. Even at a young age he was determined to hone his craft as a performer. “Every night at this British boarding school I would break out of my room when we were supposed to be studying and I’d sneak into this choir room with a lofted ceiling and I’d practice,” says Palmer. “That’s when I found my voice.”

As a kid Steve listened to country music but as an adult he lent his voice to rock and roll. Now he’s come full circle, going back to his country roots.

“I learned what it takes to write a country song: stories, songs about home, relationships, a wide variety of topics,” says Palmer. “I realized that I’d been writing country songs all along.”

Now Palmer is going full-tilt with his country rock project, reaching out to the audience he respects most. “I know that in country music there’s a community spirit and an emphasis family, culture and faith but mostly family,” says Palmer. “And I believe it translate through music. I think going down to Dixie means something to a lot of people and I think that’s where I go to in my mind when I write songs.”

The Band

Behind every good man there’s a good woman and behind every successful singer there’s a good band. “These are real good guys, they’re relaxed, they’re seasoned and they get it done professionally, and are always giving of themselves” says Steve of his band. “There isn’t anything else I could ask for.”

Guitarist, musical director and arranger Mike Ault, who has played many a gig in Paul Reed Smith’s band, cut his teeth in DC’s guitar heyday of the 70’s. “During the 80’s I played country to make a living so I just fit right in,” says the blues-rock inspired guitarist.

“Heck, country is more rock than pop music these days so it’s a good fit,” says bassist of Brian Goddard, a fellow DC musician who has shared the stage with Steve Miller, Chuck Berry and Emmy Lou Harris. Perhaps more importantly Goddard says the band knows how to tweak a song and get it to where it’s best: by using good old fashioned hard work.

With a cohesive group, a clean Nashville country sound with classic rock influences just below the surface drummer Andy Hamburger, a veteran who’s performed with The Platters, The Temptations and The Drifters, has good reason to believe in the group’s future.

“The band gets around the Steve and everything falls into place. Steve is escalating into a much bigger thing—we’re trying to get to the next level. We’re more than hired guns. We’ve got a shot at the ground level to make it as a group.”


Stuck In A U-Haul

Written By: Steve Palmer

I was a New Englander

That's where I begin

I didn't know country music

And I didn't know how yo swing

But I played the guitar

And rock and roll as well

I loved the living legends

Till the music went to hell

I heard my teacher say

You gotta go country son

They don't care if you have money

They don't care if your'e on the run

They don't care 'bout your belly

And age don't mean a thing

Sex and drugs will never work

They want to hear you sing

So I found myself

Stuck in a U-Haul

Playing country tunes

Going next to nowhere I was

Learning a liitle 'bout you

I had been driving to Virginia

When on the radio

A strange thing was happening

I had found my soul

He said you gotta speak of country

You gotta sing of life

Children are the special ones

And don't forget the strife

Sing without a phony ywang

Go and buy CDs

Listening to the stories

I looked in the mirror at me

And found myself


I went from that lesson

Jumped on a fourteen foot

To help my mother move

I cleaned her house up good

Shifting through the memories

Of how I was in youth

I found Kenny and Dotti

Arriving at the truth

Thank God I found myself


How To Be A Man

Written By: Steve Palmer

I headed for a Greyhound

Feet were on firm ground

Convicted by my heart

I was refusing to part

Found her in a local

Hanging onto some boy

There were no words to say

I had a beer and went his way

I was learning how to be a man

Down in Virginia

I could never walk away from a fight

She could not be true

I was learning how to be a man

Down in Virginia

I could never rise above no

In her eyes of blue

I had him in a corner

Wanting to ignore her

But I thought of other days

When I never got my way

I paused for a moment

Trying to look forward

And there were no words to say

I shook his hand and went my way


I was learning to be a man

How to be a man

I was learning how to be a man

Down in Virginia

I could never be alive agian

I could never be free again

I could never be in love again

Who would believe me

I was learning how to be a man


Steve Palmer - STUCK IN A U-HAUL 2005 Arythmia Records
Steve Palmer - NO LOOKING BACK 2006 Arythmia Records

Set List

A typical set list will contain both original and cover tunes, set lengths are determined per engagement agreement.
Sample Set List:
Gone Country-Alan Jackson
Stuck In A U-Haul
If I Were A Carpenter-Tim Hardin
Going Down To Dixie
Horse With No Name-America
Going To See Her Daddy
Mr Tambourine Man-Bob Dylan
Prettiest Girl In The World
One Of These Days
Mercury Blues-Alan Jackson

Should Have Been A Cowboy-Toby Keith
How To Be A Man
Born On The Bayou- CCR
Whiskey With His Wine
When The Sun Goes Down-Kenny Chesney
Morning Shift
Sister Golden Hair-America
Got To Be A Way
Carried Away-George Strait
Won't Last Another Day
Light MY Fire-Doors

SET3 )Optional Solo Acoustic)
Rivers Tide
Ribbons Into Space
Love me When I Leave

Country Roads-John Denver
Can't Get Much Better
Woman In White
In My Life-Beatles
You In Every Way
Mr. Bojangles-Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Motrher's Smile
Cats In The Cradle-Harry Chapin