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Far From Home

Written By: Steve Papa

We got forty foot seas crashing over the bow
Born from a low pushin by to our south
The fear's so great makes you shiver in pain
And the tears comin down are hidden in the rain

Hidden in the Rain
So Far From Home
Found myself again
So Far From Home

Old Sawtooth Stood biting his lip
He said, "My love's the water,
But my life's this ship."
The capt'n said men there's no turnin round
We gotta keep this heading but
She's comin about

Comin About
So Far From Home
I had my doubts
Being So Far From Home

The sun cracked through a thundercloud
I'm not really sure what it's all about
Nothin appears to be what it seems
When You're adrift on an ocean of unchartered dreams

So Far From Home