Steve Pardo with Lindley Cameron

Steve Pardo with Lindley Cameron


Steve Pardo with Lindley Cameron is a new sound out of Miami, FL. The EP "Fairytale Thankyou" is a behemoth of orchestration and lyrical subtleties.


The collaboration of Steve Pardo with sister-in-law singer Lindley Cameron began as the core concept of Steve's graduate thesis at the University of Miami. Lindley was flown into Miami for a rigorous week of songwriting and final vocal takes in early January 2008. In the following months, Steve arranged, recorded, and mixed the songs that make up the completed EP "Fairytale Thankyou".

In May 2008, Lindley Cameron and the band, complete with a horn and string section, began performing live in Miami. "Fairytale Thankyou" was set free into the public's eye to many listener's enjoyment.

"Fairytale Thankyou" tends not to settle in one style, and is defined rather by simple melodies, thoughtful harmony, and rich orchestration. Flute flutters echo vocal breaks, string pads murmur under steady percussion, trumpets proclaim awkwardly, etc. The lyrics reflect on social and spiritual struggles in an attempt to convey some sort of intended message in a sort-of self biographical way. Overall, it's music that's neither simple nor complicated, yet both. Miami seems to get it, somehow.

Chicago born Steve Pardo is a jazz saxophonist, yet is interested in way too many things, which is why he thought it would be great to start an indie rock project. His influences in his composing and arranging are a bit obvious at times, but it manages to contain a consistent sound in and of itself. Lindley Cameron is a singer from Dallas, TX. Although she has always sung at church and at nursing homes, this is the first time she's fronted an original-music project.


Backyard Buildyard

Written By: Steve Pardo with Lindley Cameron

every time i get next to you it makes me cry
when my turn comes around i don't give it a try
it won't matter when or if the numbers align
at least it's time

giving you one more chance to testify
if the money is at my place i'll be happy to lie to you
it won't matter when the building comes crumbling down
making terrible sounds in my backyard

oh oh oh
make believe that that's what he said
oh oh oh
it was my intention to fall down

being a good girl doesn't mean a thing to you
if i institutionalize it'll start all over again
it won't matter when the market comes crashing down
all the people bringin me down to the ground


why don't we ever fear
when moments disappear
don't cry
when i'm all alone I hear them die
put them on the shelf
hiding in myself
i try
when i'm all alone I don't know why


"Fairytale Thankyou"
EP released May 2008
For sale on amazonMP3 and Rhapsody, soon to be released at iTunes.

Set List

-Backyard Buildyard - 5:00
-How We Live - 4:00
-The Musk I've Become - 4:30
-Magic and Spells - 3:00
-Time for Keeps - 3:40
-Very Well - 5:20
-Two Heads, Same Face - 3:00
-Grandmother - 3:00
-Peace Retreat - 4:00
-As Long as We're Holding Hands - 2:30
-I Wanna Fit Right In - 3:30
-LaLaLa - 3:00

Can play two hour long sets without covers. With covers, can play three hour long sets.