Steve Parry

Steve Parry

 Stillwater, Minnesota, USA

“Steve Parry writes, plays, and sings with an authenticity that immediately connects with the audience. His stories are both
poignant and relatable. As he reveals his thoughts and emotions, listeners are drawn to consider their own.”
--Brian Kalinec (President – Berkalin Records)


Steve Parry - Singer/Songwriter - Americana/Folk

Americana & Folk singer/songwriter Steve Parry grew up in a small farming community in Minnesota. He has also lived in some of America’s most prominent music cities such as Seattle, Chicago and New Orleans. He brings these life experiences to the forefront in his songwriting. Much of his influences come straight out of Texas; the music of Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt and Steve Earle all helped Steve form his storytelling approach.

Steve Parry is an all around natural performer-singer-songwriter. His songs come from all angles and always hit that emotional target. They're simple in the best sense - raw, vulnerable, exposed - and delivered in a voice that's a vintage blend of grit, feeling and technical accuracy - like a well-worn axe. His songs will leave you smelling mountain air and wanting to kick the trail dust off your boots.

Steve writes, plays, and sings with an authenticity that immediately connects with the audience. His stories are both easy to relate to and poignant. As he reveals his thoughts and emotions, listeners are drawn to consider their own.


So Sings the Cowboy

Written By: Steve Parry

So Sings the Cowboy
© 2011 Steve Parry/LovAcoustic Music (ASCAP)

I sit on the edge of this ole mountain lake
Reflecting where my life has been
The mist on the water’s like the fog in my head
Obscuring the mess that I’m in
If I’d known long ago that I’d turn out
A worn out and crippled old man
I’da stayed right where God had set me
And be makin' a different last stand

Lida Aye Eee sings the cowboy
When he howls by himself at the moon
Why oh why me cries the old man
When he knows that his life is in ruin

I pulled outta Waco a long time ago
To chase a young selfish dream
I left her right there in the front yard
With nothin much more than her name
But my dreams turned into mirages
And my hopes were nothing but holes
Filling themselves full of water
And drowning what’s left of my soul


I guess that the sun must be setting
Cuz it’s getting much harder to see
And the taste in my mouth is much different
And drier than I remember it to be
And my legs have lost all their shiver
And my hands are surprisingly numb
And I know that I’ll soon meet my maker
To answer for the things that I done


Pocket Full of Dreams

Written By: Steve Parry

Pocket Full of Dreams
© 2010 Steve Parry/LovAcoustic Music (ASCAP)

Summers in that hayloft
Were full of dust and dreams
I wondered if those furrowed fields
Would ever let me be,
would they ever let me be

I sit upon this tractor
And the sun beats on my neck
It sweats the dreams from my soul
And never gives ‘em back
I just like a couple back

I watched my daddy break his back
Workin on this farm
He did it when it rained or snowed
Didn’t matter it was hard
I’ll follow in his footsteps
Cuz he expected that of me
He said you can’t feed your family
With a pocket full of dreams

Every day’s the same damn thing
I wake before the sun
Grab my cup of coffee
And start my morning run
Let me tell ya' it ain’t fun

My hands are hard and calloused
as the leather on my feet
They're like the boots my daddy handed down
When he sealed my destiny
He told me what to be


I’ve got a wife and family
That I can’t leave behind
To chase a fleeting memory
From in another time
That was such a different time

So tomorrow when the sun comes up
You’ll find me in the barn
Milkin cows and doin chores
And tryin to get along
Just tryin to get along

Where They Stay

Written By: Steve Parry

I grew up in a town next to nowhere
And nowhere's where I'm moving real soon
You can come along if you want to
Just pack your bags I'm leavin here by noon

My daddy never had no words to give me
Cuz a bottle was his one and only friend
I wonder where he went when he left me
I'm sure his life came to a bitter end


Can't you see
How the world is turnin round
Don't you know
That people hit the ground every day
And that's where they stay

I had an lost a chance to go to college
When passion took that choice away from me
And one dark night fate took away my family
When a drunk man ran their car into a tree


I don't know if I'm gonna like this city
But it seems the only place that I'll fit in
So I'm gonna play the cards that life has dealt me
And see if there's a hand that I can win

Chorus X2

Everything But Memories Fade (Buster's Song)

Written By: Steve Parry

Everything But Memories Fade (Buster's Song)
© 2011 Steve Parry/LovAcoustic Music

Cardboard box, a sleeping bag
His clothes are only tattered rags
No life behind those sunken eyes
That never look your way

Once he was a businessman
With a Bel Air home and lots of land
But he left it all behind
and his mind just slipped away

the townsfolk call him Crazy Ray
The children laugh when he walks their way
They see him as a clown
In worn out shoes

But there’s something there that they don’t see
It’s the one and only memory
That stayed behind
When everything was lost


It’s the smile she had when she said I do
The laughter in her eyes of blue
The warmness of her body next to his
He still recalls that final day
He laid her body in the grave
Everything but the memories fade away

He shuffles as he moves his feet
His gaze is always on the street
For a nickel
Or a cigarette half gone

Cuz it ain’t about the money now
Or the deal he worries might go south
He’s living in a dream
From yesterday

Chorus (x2)

Workin' Man

Written By: Steve Parry

A stone foundation is all that stands
Of the childhood home of a music man
Okemah OK was the place of his birth
A lot of us know what his songs are worth


Sing a song for the workin’ man
Tell us who really owns this land
I think it’s time for us to take a stand
Sing a song for the workin’ man

He grew up during the oil boom days
But as quick as a dust storm it blew away
His childhood was filled with tragedy
But it ended up setting his inner muse free


He was the dust bowl troubadour
He made it pretty clear what he stood for
Justice for all and equality
And this land was made for you and me



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