steve parsons

steve parsons


With a rich, soulful voice and road worn guitar Steve Parsons serves up an inspiring blend of Folk Rock / Acoustic music.


With a rich, soulful voice that often draws comparisons with Marc Cohn and Mac Powell and road worn guitar, Steve Parsons serves up an inspiring blend of Folk Rock / Acoustic music that has gained a dedicated band of listeners.

Steve got started in 1993 when for a couple of years he worked as a Youth Pastor but found himself playing his songs to various groups of people wherever he went. From playing in local churches he soon started travelling further afield and developing a national and international ministry.

He recorded and released his first album "Simple Faith" in 1996 on his own Indie record label and since that time has released four other albums which have received regular airplay on radio stations around the world. His latest offering is 'Ten - Acoustic and Live' which Parsons describes as an attempt to draw a line under his first ten years of making records. "I've wanted to record a live album for some time and I thought I would try and capture on record what it is that I've done for the past Ten years. So instead of making a big sounding record with a band, I made this acoustic record which more accurately reflects what I've done live. It's a challenging record to make. There's nowhere to hide and so you have to let it all hang out, which I think makes the songs very accessible lyrically."

Described by Cross Rhythms as "one of the best Songsmiths in the UK", Steve has performed in venues ranging from small Coffee Houses to the 12,000 seat London Arena. He also makes regular visits to the USA as well as having travelled into Europe, Africa and Australia.

Down to earth and honest he connects with his audience in a very personable way, taking them on a journey through his songs, stories and challenging message.



Written By: Steve Parsons

Who I am is so much more important, is so much more the issue than anything I do.
Who I am is a pilgrim on a journey with a heart that's topsy turvy but tryng to be true.

Who I am is a prodigal returning, embarrased 'cause I'm learning my will's not strong enough.
Who I am is a child that's forgiven 'cause the love that you have given is made of stronger stuff

And you say that I can come to you & change the old for new, just as I am.
And you say that there's a place for me to share eternity with you, just as I am.

Who I am is full of contradiction, faithfulness and friction the companions of my heart.
Who I am is a lot less than I'm dreaming, I'd really like my halo gleaming while I walk upon the earth.


Who I am is a work still under progress. And you've proved to be no less than faithful and true.

Just as I am without one plea but that your blood was shed for me. And that you bid me come to me, O lamb of God I come. O lamb of God I come.



TEN acoustic & live, 2007
Certain Possibilities, 2004
Standing, 2002
The Colour of Life, 1999
Simple Faith 1996

Set List

Steve plays anything from a few songs at an event to a full concert lasting about 1hr 40mins. Most of the time he plays solo, swapping between his guitar and the piano. Sometimes he'll throw in the odd cover but most of the time he flows through a set of his own material.