Steve Peplin

Steve Peplin

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Steve Peplin Biography

‘Music is a powerful force to me. It can reach where language cannot.
I’ve spent a lot of hours insuring that my music is sincere and effective.’

Steve Peplin was born in Long Beach California and grew up on the North side of Milwaukee, Wi. where he played drums and trumpet before settling into guitar as his primary axe. He graduated from Berklee College of Music with a bachelors degree in composition. (1994-1996) and has since been a professor of guitar and composition at Milwaukee Technical College and professor of guitar at the Downbeat award winning Lawrence University.

‘I went to Berklee really just to go to Boston and play in a band out there. I originally wanted to study Jazz Guitar there, but I was already playing jazz so I delved into the deeper waters of orchestral composition. Strangely, this affected my guitar playing and improvisation much more profoundly than studying the guitar itself. Beethoven called the guitar ‘the Little Orchestra.’
Steve performs with numerous groups and has shared the stage with notable names such as Art Davis (Coltrane Bassist), Melvin Rhyne (Wes Montgomery’s organist), Doc Severensen, Brian Lynch (Jazz Messengers trumpeter), Dan Nimmer (Wynton Marsalis pianist), George Braith, Howard Levy (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones), the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, De La Buena and several others.
Steve is curently a member of several groups in several genres including Choir Fight, Evocation Trio, Invocation Trio, Davis/Peplin Duo, Como No, Stellar Regions and others.
Peplin has written numerous articles for various publications including Guitar One magazine and has transcribed numerous books for Hal Leonard Corp. Peplin recently founded Death Bop Records which will unveil a catalogue of ten records from jazz, metal, blues, afro-cuban and other genres in Fall of 2011. Recently Steve has been endorsed by ESP LTD Guitars.

“I’ve waited to ‘really do something’ until this point in my life. I’m excited to take it up a level and tour more now.”
Peplin has invented a mechanism for playing drums (hi-hat, ride, crash, floor kick) and guitar at once. ‘This invention came to fruition through my teaching where I would demonstrate how the basic mechanics of jazz all fit together. I practiced grooving while students would jam over the foundation I was laying down. It was a natural thing to take it to clubs and I’ve had at least two gigs a week doing this for the last two years. I’m ready for some deeper waters now.’

Set List

Original Compositions: Jazz, Blues, Latin, Classical