Steve Pile Band

Steve Pile Band


A compelling hybrid of blues, rock and melodic African music, all topped off with a little cowboy swagger.


With a guitar on his back Bay Area native Steve Pile has traveled the world from Alaska to Austin to Africa, “distilling his own hybrid of blues, rock and melodic African music, all topped off with a little cowboy swagger” (John Beck, Press Democrat).  After landing back in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007 Steve went about assembling the finest musicians he could find; in 2008 the Steve Pile Band was born, featuring Brian Rashap on bass and James Stafford on drums (both former members of Groundation and Stereo Blasters). 

In the 2 years since the band has forged its unique sound on stages throughout the Bay Area. His first album, Overnight, was recorded in Portland, Oregon in 2002. Shortly thereafter, he relocated to Austin, Texas, where he recorded his 2nd album, Home For Right Now, with a host of Austin heavy-weights, including Brad Houser (New Bohemians, Critters Buggin’) and Stephen Doster (Nancy Griffith, Will Sexton) as producer. The album framed his songs with an eclectic Americana sound.

His appreciation for American roots music has not kept Steve from looking towards distant horizons. He traveled to Gambia, West Africa in 2008 to record his Kora teacher, Jali Bakary Konteh, using solar panels and a laptop. The kora is a 21-string west African harp that Steve became obsessed with while travelling in Africa. The album, Konteh Kunda, was international released this year on Akwaaba Music, and has received glowing reviews.

Steve's songs have been featured in a number of short films, notably “Crossing” by Riad Galayini, which starred James Morrison (24, Jarhead) and garnered many indie film awards. He also contributed to a short mock-spaghetti western entitled “Enter the Moustache.” Various tours have seen him sharing the stage with the likes of Richard Thompson, Peter Case, Jackie Greene, and even a double bill with Ramblin' Jack Elliott.

Morphing from the acoustic Americana he nurtured in Austin to a more electric, cross-cultural stew of styles, the Steve Pile Band “represents the full drop of roots music.”   The new album, Got it Right, is true to this rootsy ethos.  It easily transitions from Tom Petty-styled folk rock to Delta Blues, from African Highlife-tinged ballads to scorching guitar rock.  Got it Right maintains a fresh and live sound throughout, united by Pile’s unique songwriting. 

Along with his signature 1930's National steel, acoustic and electric guitars Steve also plays keyboards and Kora (an African harp) on the album. Guests include Henry Nagle on pedal steel guitar and Mike Mayer lap steel, among others. The album was recorded and co-produced by long time Prairie Sun Studios engineer Tim Gennert at Eleven Eleven Studios, tucked away in rural Sonoma County. 



Written By: Steven Pile

Honeybee (Pile)

The sun’s going down on Alder Street,
the air is getting cold, two friends, two souls are on the porch,
and I swear to God I can still here Willie through the door.

And it ain’t hard to remember the words,
that took my mind away from the heartache and the grey
that held me down, in that first round.

And its alright, and its ok,
And if it weren’t for you, I don’t know where I’d be today, and...

Did I tell you?
Did I say?
Did I mention, my friend, that your sweeter than,
sweeter than Honey from a honey bee?

And its so easy to think of you my friend,
I do it all the time, but its still so hard to find
the words to say,
when they slip away into the whirlwind of time.

There’s still so much to learn, so much to realize,
but as the story of our lives unfolds before eyes, I gotta say,
I’m blown away.


You know my love, it will not stray,
but since every moment passes, every moment slips away,
sometimes I can’t remember, could you refresh my memory?

Chorus 2x


Overnight 2002
Home For Right Now 2005
Got it Right (Steve Pile Band) 2010
all available on I-tunes, Musicmatch, etc. and

Set List

1Thank You
2Oh Dear
4The One
5Go Girl
6Got it Right
7Come & Go
9Wake Me Up
10Disheveled (national)
12Good Luck
13Faultlines (up. slick funk)
14 Willin ?15 may never
16 green eyes
17 crumbs n resin

National Set:

15 God Moves on the Water
16 Thats alright mama
17 Bad Sign
18 Dirty Dozens
19 Police Dog
20 Disheveled