Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band

Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band

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This seasoned children's concert veteran receives numerous national encores, year after year. Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band presents multiple award- winning music. They're a hot commodity! Energetic, very interactive and apropos to your bookings, this fun band aims to please your audiences.


Steve Pullara is a top tier, Philadelphia based, New Jersey born singer/songwriter/artist for children, whose musical roots go deep within many cultural traditions. In his music you can hear influences from his Grandfather Giuseppe to Soupy Sales to Louis Prima. His mix of *drawing into his concerts and singing harken the days of the Gene London and the Sandy Becker TV shows from the 50's & 60's. With many years of entertaining kids and families under his belt in the Philly area, he is comfortable with this niche and very at home with his audience. Often, Steve is seen entertaining at commercial and non commercal venues such as: television, large amphitheaters, zoos, township parks, schools, hospitals and festivals. At these numerous bookings you can hear him in concert with his popular musical group called "Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band" or "solo." He's also entertained on "NBC's Children's Miracle Network Telethon," at "Give the Kids the World" in Kissimmee, Florida, "The American Lung Association" and "The March Of Dimes"; putting smiles on faces and helping them to raise money for their particular causes. Steve also hosts and produces a popular children's TV show entitled "The Cool Beans Music and Art Show" shown in 70 cities, soon to be in all 50 states by 2011.

Steve Pullara And Cool Beans Music® presents national award winning music. Give us a call for a bid. We are competitive among our peers with an eye to your economics.

They've sold-out four concerts for such venues as "The Delaware Association for The Education of Young Children" at the Wilmington School of Music's theater (1400 seats.)

Other notable places that Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Music® have presented performances at are:

-The Kimmel Center For Performing Arts
-The Philadelphia Grammy Organization
-The Statue Of Liberty Park
- Longwood Gardens
- The Crayola Factory
- Bethlehem Musikfest
- Hershey Chocolate Town
- WXPN Kids Corner Radio Festival
- The Philadelphia Folk Festival
- The World Cafe' Live
- NJ Aquarium
- Please Touch Museum
- Philadelphia Zoo
- Merry Meade Farm
- Corporate Events

and many more...

Aside from regular airplay on Children's radio, Steve Pullara's songs have been used by Philadelphia, national and international disc jockeys in other genre's to break up their formats with his list of topics ranging from Potatoes to Bananas and from Aliens to Elephants. His songs have ranked as year-end top ten achievers among listeners and fans for 6 years on WXPN's Kids Corner. He's now also been expanded into satellite and cable music formats such as Sirius & XM Radio, Comcast Kids Club, etc.

Typically, Steve's music is spirited and zany crossing over into many diverse avenues ranging from Folk to Bluegrass. This eclectic diversity makes his music very appealing to a wide audience from kids to adults.

Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band have released five children's albums. They are entitled: One Potato Two Potato, Hop Like a Frog!, Spinning Tails, A Big Bowl Of Musicroni and Zooboogie on the Cool Beans Music® label.

Two of Steve's CDs "Zooboogie" & "A Big Bowl Of Musicroni," each garnered two major national awards:

- A Parents' Choice Approved Award

- N.A.P.PA. Honors In Best Audio For Children.

They're easily available by many web retailers, wholesalers and national outlets. His CD's can also be purchased by going to his website which has his ongoing concert schedule and other fun info too!

Performances have been booking throughout the region well in advance of the upcoming season. It is our hope that you'll consider one of his concerts for your developing events this year.

(*drawing & music mixes are mostly booked in Steve's solo concerts or upon request to be included into the full band presentation according to your booking needs and inquiries.)

Many more endorsements, than shown below, are available at

Have fun reading these samplings:

This joyously upbeat performance about all things animal is a veritable musical mélange of fur, feathers, fluff and leather in a plethora of styles, from rock to swing. A little bit of musical comedy and a little bit of tin pan alley brings elephants, penguins, mice and ponies to life. Special kudos go to the outstanding track, "The Elephant Who Couldn't Pay Her Rent."

-- John Wood and Tor Hyams © 2009 NAPPA Awards

"STEVE PULLARA. ----There is something about a Steve Pullara show that connects with kids in a special way. Maybe it's the infectious joy in his performance. Maybe it's the way he brings together music and art and kids. Maybe it's the good feeling he gives their parents. Parents know that a Steve Pullara show is a friendly, safe, fun experience that their kids will be talking about for days. I often joke that Steve Pullara will show up at the opening of an envelope. The truth is that Steve Pullara's commitment to bringing good music


"Alien Babies and Beyond" *(1991)

"One Potato, Two Potato" (1995)

"Hop Like A Frog!" (1997)

"Spinning Tails" (2001)

"A Big Bowl Of Musicroni" (2005) Parents' Choice Award Winner and N.A.P.P.A Winner

"Zooboogie" (2008) Parents' Choice Award Winner and N.A.P.P.A Winner

All of Steve's albums above have been Grammy submitted and cleared for elegibility to the children's category. Submission is not an award, but is only a clearance to eligibility and inclusion into the voting process. (* means not submitted that cycle)

"Children's Jukebox 2" by Rob Reid is an updated collection of children's recorded music grouped by dozens of subject headings. Topics range from the alphabet to zoos, plus songs sung in different languages, emotions, animals, self-esteem, concepts, movement - you name it, it's here. Children's artists represented include Raffi, Sharon Lois and Bram, Dan Zanes, Laurie Berkner, Bill Harley, Dr. Jean, Riders in the Sky, and many, many more - including, of course, Steve Pullara.

"Shake and Shout" by Rob Reid features 16 noisy, lively story program lesson plans - all designed to make literature come alive for children. The opening chapter is titled "African Animals" and is built around Steve Pullara's song "The Elephant Who Couldn't Pay Her Rent." Pair this funny, upbeat, noisy song with the picture book If You're Happy and You Know It: Jungle Edition by James Warhola. Other musicians featured in this collection include Bill Harley, Dan Zanes, Billy Jonas, Sarah Barchas, The Learning Station, Riders in the Sky, and more.

Both of these children's text books are available at this link:

Special CD Projects and Compilation Song Inclusions are:

"Eat your Vegetables," had a song inclusion of "The Snap of a Carrot" in a top tier line-up.

"Brush Your Teeth" had a song inclusion of "The Snap of a Carrot" in an all star top tier line-up.

"Brush Your Teeth" had a song inclusion of "Gargle and Spit" & "Don't Forget to Floss" in an all star top tier line-up.

"All The Wild Wonders" had a song inclusion of "Pasta Pasta" in an all star top tier line-up.

"Serenity House" had a song inclusion of "Don Cheech's Pizzeria" in an all star top tier line-up which included Jethro Tull and Asia.

"Kids' Corner's 20th Anniversary" had a song inclusion of "Lot's of Cousins" in an all star top tier line-up.

"Live and in Curlers" had a song inclusion of "Make Believe Town" in an all star top tier line-up.

"I am a Jelly Donut" had a song inclusion of "One Potato" in an all star top tier line-up.

"Kids Corner Family Faves, Vol. 1" had a song inclusion of "Alien Babies" in an all star top tier line-up.

"Kids Corner Family Faves, Vol. 2" had a song inclusion of "Eh Cumpari" in an all star top tier line-up.