Steve Quelet

Steve Quelet


Rootsy Singer/Songwriter with some amazing stories to tell and award winning songs


Now living in Pennsylvania's Northern Tier, former Philadelphia/South Jersey singer/songwriter Steve Quelet gained considerable notoriety following three solo releases from 1999 through 2005. While living in the Philadelphia area he regularly opened shows for touring performers, including Patti Griffin, Gordon Bok, Bill Staines, Amy Rigby, Tift Merrit, Terri Hendrix, and many more. His songs receive airplay on many folk and roots radio stations, have won awards in several national competitions, and often take surprising twists and turns while covering unusual subject matter. Over the years Steve has been a member of several bands, and is currently a member and contributing songwriter with the Jakob's Hollow Band, the official hosts of the 2009 Songwriter's Roundtable.


The Legend of Bobby the Kid

Written By: Steve Quelet

I used to be an engineer, and I had a train so fine
I was the youngets engineer on the whole darn Lionel Line
yea I was only six years old, in over my head so I've been told
But I could keep that number five a'runnin'
And bring it in right on time

Now my brother was a desperate outlaw
A train robber on the lam
And we used to cal him Bobby the Kid
The youngest train robber in the land
Yea, he was only eight years old, but his heart was dark and his eyes were cold
And he would sooner rob that noon time train than anything else he planned

And I sense disaster comin',
There's something underneath of that track
We started out on that noon time train
and it's too late for turnin back

My sixth sense keeps tellin' me there coiuld be trouble up around the bend,
The desperate outlaw Bobby the Kid is bound to rob this train again

Now we were runnin' right on schedule, approaching that Tiny Town bridge
When I spied a pile of Lincoln Logs laid out on the tracks ahead
And as I eased out onto that tressel
And I brought that train down slow
I could see the firecrackers tied to the bridge, lit up and ready to blow

repeat chorus

Now them firecrackers started to crackin'
And that Bridge came tumblin' down
And the Lincoln Logs and the bridge and the train rolled down the valley and into the town
And that whole town started to burnin' as that train burst into flames
And the only thing that I could think of, is who's my daddy going to blame

repeat chorus

Devil's Den

Written By: Steve Quelet

I was just a farmin' boy, my father's only son
When I mustered with the volunteers in 1861
And marched with General Ward's brigade, a' chasin' after Lee
And we ended up at Gettysburg in 1863
And they called us boys the Orange Blossoms, The 124th New York
And they put us on the southern end to hold this pile of rock
And Colonel Ellis told us all how he heard it from a friend
That the local folks from round here called the place the Devil's Den

And he said "Welcome Boys, to the Devil's Den
This is where we're gonna make our stand
Welcome boys, to the Devil's Den
We can hold 'em off forever boys, in the Devil's Den

The Rebs charged us up through the gorge from three sides at once
Trying to take the 4th artillary, and Smith's four parrot guns
And blue and gray surged back and fourth, as scores from both sides fell
And deep within that pile of rock, we took our place in hell

And I saw Major Cromwell fall, and colonel Ellis die
As they rallied us to counter charge, and give it once last try
But those Alabama regulars forced us to give way
And as I lay there chokin' in the smoke, I thought I heard one say..

repeat chorus

Two days after Gettysburg lay quiet once again
The local town folk named the battlefield the slaughter pen
And the gorge they called the "Valley of Death", lay next to the Devil's Den
Then they started in that gruesome task of buryin' those men

And a hundred year later down the road some boys played with there sticks
Pretending thety were soldiers in the Union Army ranks
Imagining they were lining up to face General Lee's men
And to fight that battle one more time inside the Devil's Den

and one said....

repeat chorus


Cruise To Nowhere, LP released 1999
House of Wax, LP released 2002
Flea Circus, LP released 2005
The Legend of Bobby the Kid (with Jakob's Hollow), LP released 2009

Set List

Steve has written well over 1500 songs in the last 15 years, and set lists are constantly changing. He also has an extensive list of covers that he adds his own interpretation to. Here is an example of a typical setlist:

House of Wax- A song about a strange trip through a wax museum featuring Marilyn Monroe and Elvis.

Listen to the Angels- A song about a family that chose to stay behind during the Katrina Hurricane disaster in New Orleans.

The Wrestling Game- A song lauding the grit of old time professional wrestlers, and how pro-wrestling has changed.

A Union Story- Two union members meet in a bar, and discuss the upcoming election...and then things get out of hand.

Dance of the Robots- A lonely midnight shift worker observes a strange night time robotic ritual

Mars Still Needs Women- A song confirming our suspicions that we are not alone.

Night of the Living Dead- A song explaining why you should never give a zombie a drivers license.

Devil's Den- an accurat