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Love and War

Written By: Steve Russell

Turn off the porchlight
put way your flashlight
She ain’t coming back home
she’s faraway from you tonight
And if you wanna cry you should
this time I know shes gone for good


You see, I’m here to catch her fall
‘cause all is fair in love and war

Don’t know what to say, don’t know if there’s any way
And I know it’s not right
And I know I’ve a lost a friend tonight
But if the fires wait for me
at least I’ll have the devil agree
That I was there ………(chorus)


Say it isn’t true
that she ran away from you, my friend
That you knocked her to the floor
she barely made it out the door, my friend
One day you’ll watch me burn
as you wait for your turn, my friend

The dogs are playing on the bed
we’re laughing at what she said
And my coffee tastes good
Her Saturday begins as it should
I’ve waited years for this to be me
now I want the whole world to see
That I was there to ………(chorus)