Steve Rodin & Friends

Steve Rodin & Friends


Steve Rodin has a dynamic voice, writes inventive and moving lyrics and plays a variety of styles. Stage presence is upbeat and inviting and his songs are written from humor, inspiration and personal experiences.


Whether playing an original or a classic cover song, Steve always puts himself into the music. His emotion and feelings are clearly displayed in the final product with dynamic vocals, well thought, supportive finderstyle or strumming acoustic guitar, and an energy that becomes infectious to those who listen.
A self taught guitarist, who has always looked at improving his craft, Steve is not afraid to try new things. After years of playing solo acoustic, he began going to electric jams becoming one of the better know performers. He moved into a duet, R & B Blues, with Phil Berglund. After playing covers for thirty five years, Steve began writing about 30 months ago. Now about 35 songs have been written, and many aired on internet radio ( and local airwaves. Now a member of a trio named "The SKR Project" with Ray Beran and Kevin KDawg Eastes, Steve is back in the studio recording a new CD and playing a mulittude of venues in the Portland (OR) Metro area.


Steve Rodin was one of the founding members for a group named "R & B Blues". In mid 2006, a CD titled "Together Again... For The First Time" was recorded at KBC Records in Portland OR and released.