Steve Roman

Steve Roman


Steve is a crusty ol' songwriter who combines the traits of the traditional school of songsmiths with a contemporary edge. He's not afraid to attempt anything to make music his music better, and often does. Steve is original and a true observer of the life that is around him.


Steve Roman is a classic renaissance man; an artist, songwriter, performer, educator and journalist who seeks to explore past, honored, musical styles and combine the essence with a contemporary edge.

His interests as a songwriter can vary from Texas Honky-Tonk to folky story songs. Recent subjects that he has explored include a fictional Texas epic, a legendary North Carolina moonshiner who made a brew that tasted like brandy or the typical country love song. He's been a student of folk song, rock, bluegrass, country and jazz styles with little regard for keeping anything as a cloned relic.

Steve Roman loves music; he always has. He's a Chicago boy that grew up during an exciting period of musical history; as a kid, he was listening to the new sounds that his older sister played on a transistor radio (which he occasionally stold and hid under his pillow!), and quickly discovered that he was totally hooked on the excitement created by Gene Vincent, Little Richard, the infamous Jersey-based doo-wop bands and a dude named Jerry Lee Lewis. During high school he found that many of the sounds he heard from the British invasion bands were actually throwbacks to the blues in his hometown. Somehow, as he searched for the real Chicago style of music, folk-rock arrived on the scene. It was from The Byrds that he discovered Dylan and, later, The Grateful Dead.

Four chaotic years in the US Coast Guard expanded his interests as he became exposed to southern sounds and a harder-edge dose of blues. Folk music had matured and he returned home to a music scene that included Steve Goodman, John Prine and a herd of players that were unknown outside of Old Town Chicago.

Steve finally ran into the Old Town School of Folk Music and learned to actually play the guitar sometime in his early twenties. In addition, he found a new dimension of sound as the violist in The Northeastern Illinois University New Music Ensemble.

Finally the free-wheelin' music community in Chicago gave birth to a truly unique music publication named Come For To Sing. Steve was on the founding staff and soon became the bluegrass expert for the magazine. From that point, he enbarked on a journey that would last over the next thirty-five years.

Steve has never been shy about sharing his knowledge with others. From that point his place as a music teacher, journalist and performer.

His ability to spin tall-tales brought him into the songwriter's circle. He's seldom at a loss for words and captures the absolute wierdness in everything around him. However, he also finds beauty in recreating an emotion through a well written lyric.

Steve is generally a cranky guy that still resides in the Chicago area, but, in reality, he considers the world to be his home. He plans to expand his musical bounderies in his band vision, The Horse Thieves, an enemble in progress that will include his son, Sam, on vocals. He dreams of playing Texas honky-tonks, New Mexican brothels and The Grand Ol Opry.


You Say Yes

Written By: copyright Steve Roman, 2007

You Say Yes
Copyright 2007, Steve Romanoski SESAC

Each night as I sleep, I walk ‘cross a room,
while some country band plays a slow country tune.
And there you are standing in that pretty red dress.
When I ask you to dance….
you say yes.

I open my arms and you walked inside;
pulled you so close and looked in your eyes.
Then I whispered to you as we caressed.
When I ask you to dance….
you say yes.

Sometimes the wind will break up my sleep.
The dark of the night ain’t all that it seems.
Then I’ll wake up to find that it’s only a dream,
but I’ll close my eyes and you’re still there.
When I ask you to dance….
you say yes.

Then I awoke with tears in my eyes,
turn to my right to find you by my side.
The words I need are hard to express,
but when I ask you to dance….
you say yes. (Instrumental)


Each night as I sleep, I walk ‘cross a room,
while some country band plays a slow country tune.

Doin' It In Grandma's Bed

Written By: Steve Romanoski

Doin’ It In Grandma’s Bed
copyright Steve Romanoski 2006 SESAC

Finally got a date with Betty,
and all was goin’ well.
She’d smile at every line I had,
and every lie I’d tell.
I dared not take her to my room,
with centerfolds on the wall,
but I remembered granny’s room was empty,
and just on down the hall.

Granny’d gone away that week,
to nurse my uncle Ned,
and her room was dark and quiet,
with a big ol’ feather bed.
We crept on through the big oak door,
slipped on in the room,
only thinkin’ bout the joyous times,
that we’d be sharin’ soon.

Grandma’s bed is big and comfy
made of cherry wood and pine.
She can lie down mean and funky
and wake up feelin’ fine.
An old worn quilt to warm her feet,
down pillows for her head.
Nothin’s really quite as sweet,
as doin’ it in grandma’s bed.

So like a cool thief in the night,
And quiet as the dead.
we were tearin’ away our clothing
and slipped on into bed.
While in the throng of passion,
I cast my glance aside,
and there under that old worn quilt,
I stared into Granny’s eyes.

Seems Ned recovered well enough,
and sent Grandma away.
She rode a cab home from the station,
and was gone only a day.
Grandma didn’t wake up no one
as she snuck up the stair,
and was cuddled warm ‘neath the sheets,
till my love and I appeared.

(repeat chorus)


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