Steven Roth

Steven Roth

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"A sterling blend of folk traditions, pop sensibilities, and modern rock flourishes" -- Jeff Meirs, The Buffalo News


"I love rock and roll with a passionate, acoustic, earthy edge," says Steve Roth, one half of the alt-rock duet, The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter. "There's no limit to the amount of emotion - celebratory or dark - you can pack into a three minute song that's well written and comes from someplace in the heart."

Built upon booming Gibson acoustic guitars, rich harmonies and organic percussion, The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, (Roth and Meredith Brown), achieve a full band sound within a two-piece footprint. Their songs lift and descend in cinematic fashion that defies and embraces modern pop music.

"I think we're no different than most people who like songs that evoke an emotion or memory; the type of music you sing along with when you're on a long car ride, or the songs that show up in the most played list on your iPod," says Roth.

Currently, they have two discs produced with Dove Award winning producer Armand Petri, (Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs, Sixpence None the Richer, etc.). "if I should stumble" was released late 2007, and "beautiful addiction," Roth's solo release featuring Brown, was completed in 2004. Both albums are available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon, etc. (via CDBaby), as well as select brick and mortar outlets.

Having garnered critical regional success including radio play, television appearances, music awards, opening slots, (including Brett Michaels of Poison and VH1's Rock of Love), in their hometown of Buffalo, NY, Roth and Brown moved to Nashville in 2007 to step up their musical ambitions. They are focused on doing what it takes to present their music to the world, and are eager for the opportunity to work with others in achieving that goal and sharing in its rewards.

Steve and Meredith's music has been featured and played, (in various rotation cycles) on:
• Indie 104 - iRadioLA
• 107.7 The Lake, Buffalo, NY
• WGRF-FM 97 Rock, Buffalo, NY
• WBEN Talk Radio, Buffalo, NY
• Moozikoo (internet radio)
• The Jack Sass Show (internet radio)
• (internet radio)
• (internet radio)
• plus a couple more that we can't remember...

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Beautiful Addiction

Written By: steve roth

sweet like pain she calls my name
sweet like sin she lets me in
it’s 4 am she never asks me where i’ve been
where i am (i’m never home)

the colours change from day to day
along with the words i long to say
you’re with me now but i don’t know
how long much longer i can hold on
(i’m letting go)

(chorus) this beautiful addiction
it’s all i ever need
this beauiful addiction
has brought me to my knees

the line are drawn across her face
across my heart to this love embrace
shackled and cuffed it’s never enough
enough ‘till it gets to be too much
(it’s never enough)...

you give me hope when hope is gone
you give me a voice to sing this song
i sing this song...

thinking of susan

Written By: steve roth

they were words i never thought i’d forget
it was a time and place i now regret
she was the symbol of my destiny
now lying in the mud of my misery
she took my heart, my soul, my mind
she left me standing naked in a check-out line

she comes and goes like april snows
she feeds me lines like i should know
i got a cut that won’t be healed
so she buried my heart in a stoney fieldand forgot

it’s like feeling sad on a sunny day
the beautiful friend that you sent away
a smile and a shot in the dark
all the same

and i don’t know if i’ll ever find a friend
don’t know if i’ll pass this way again
i’m just thinking of susan

so now i’ve got to find my way on my own
she’s “you’re welcome” but i’m not going home
alone and lost on this dead-end street
broken glass and stones underneath my feet
dogs cry out as the lights go on
and i look for the signs that lead me out of this town...

what it's like

Written By: steve roth

alabaster, brick, concrete
these are the secrets that i keep
in my skin is all i know
secrets i cannot show

why can’t i give you what you need
lay all my sins down at your feet
it never goes how it should be
in conversations and in dreams

this is what it’s like to see me
this is what it’s like to be me
this is what it’s like to feel me

words don’t come so easily
confidence striptease
you got it good i got it hard
pale white skin beneath the scars


torn between the sky and you
beautiful eyes in black and blue
hey can you give you what i miss
and all the beauty you posses

so what if i run when the words don’t come
i’ll be alright
i do not need you to change me
i only need one to save me

Just a Girl

Written By: Steve Roth

just a girl

she was just a girtl i knew
in a town i was passing through
serving drinks at the local bar
i watched her work while i played my guitar

and every night the same old thing
we’d kill ourselves to support the dream
of getting out before we’d die
or kill ourselves if we didn’t try

and after hours we’d lie and talk
on the hood of her car in the parking lot
and the stars looked down on us and
seemed to understand
we’d share a cigarette and
hold each other’s hand

she said her daddy died when she was young
he caught a bullet from a stolen gun
her momma cried for weeks on end
she couldn’t live the with loss of the man
she’d ever loved

she lost her faith to believe in God
she found her strength in vodka and gin
and as the years took their toll, she lost
so much more than her soul, when she
left her only daughter, on her own

that was just two years ago
what’s kept her here she does not know
but sometimes, the scariest thing in our lives can be
to follow our dreams

i knew that my time had come
the east was calling me back home
i caught a bus without saying goodbye, you know,
i hated to watch her die
hey i only came to play guitar
uh-huh, yeah...

Wear You

Written By: Meredith Brown

Wear You

I need to wear you
You need to wear me down
I need to know you
I’ll show you what I’ve found
I wanna see you
Look in a little closer
You’ll see what you missed when
We cried alone

Put your smile right here
where is the smiling sun?
You want to hold me?
Well I’ve fallen down
Walk beside me
Pick me up once more
Say it’s alright you’ll be mine
And not fade away yeah

I need to wear you wear you wear
You need to wear me down
I need to wear you out.


if I should stumble - 2007 Co-produced with Armand Petri (Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs, Sixpence None the Richer, etc.)
beauitful addiction - 2004 Co-produced with Armand Petri
Cry an Ocean - (single) from the compliation The Rest of Us, Songs to Benefit Children's Hospital
Telegraph Road - (single) Chameleonwest's Music is Art 2005 Collection

The single, "Thinking of Susan," debuted at #5 in's top ten for Sept. 5th.

The single, "Beautiful Addiction," is featured in regular rotation on The Lake, 107.7 FM, as well as selected to be featured on Radio Fly 1.

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Set List

The band's set list is usually comprised of original material with covers by artists they admire and who inspire them. These can be as mainstream as Counting Crows and Tom Petty, to obscurities such as Derek Webb, Lori McKenna, and Michael Knott.

While most of our sets range from 90 minutes to 3 hours, we're flexible and open to do more or less, give or take an hour.