Steve Sampling

Steve Sampling

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Heavy sample usage&pounding drums one day,and chilled smooth lounge grooves the next. But whatever the day is the word is always Soul. Take a listen,and you'll fell it.


Hiphop producer and DJ, Steve Sampling was born in 1983 in rural Iceland.

spent his childhood improvising on keyboards and guitar until about age 14 when that was replaced with a sampler and a set of turntables. Soon thereafter he picked up the mic,moved to the city and became a prominent rapper in the small Reykjavik hiphop scene between the years of 2000-2004.

Always having rapped over his own beats, the desicion eventually came to focus fully on the art of beatmaking,and in 2006 his debut LP;"The dawn is your enemy" was released. That album included the epic track "Serenade" which caught the attention of world known super producer Dangermouse, who bought the song for a new project, the outcome is still pending.

In late 2007 Steve released his sophomore album "Borrowed&Blue", with it's lo-fi beats and heavy sample usage,it went bout getting good reviews in the icelandic press,and put Steve firmly in his place as one of Icelands most celebrated beatmaker.


2006: "The dawn is your enemy" CD

2007: "Borrowed&Blue" CD

2009: Rithma "(The only)Dark in the light" Steve sampling mix. OM records EP&Compilation

Set List

I usally do 30-60 minutes dj-mix of my own tunes using Serato Scratch Live.
Tend to focus on new unreleased stuff foremost with older gems in between.