Steve Schennum

Steve Schennum


The band has a singer in it who writes songs, plays the guitar and harmonica, and other instruments when provoked. Songs cover such topics as road rage, codependent dysfunctional relationships, and the police state in which we live, as well as some socially significant material.


Some Influences: Frank Zappa, Tom Waits, Buell Neidlinger, Django Reinhardt, Joni Mitchell, Janis Ian, John Hartford, Sonic Youth, Igor Stravinsky


Found My Libido

Written By: Steve Schennum

Found my Libido (Schennum)

I was sitting in the basement- Surfing on the web
I clicked a pop-up message -This is what it said
Is your life when you are nekkid - As good as it can get?
We sell drugs, we sell devices - on the internet

Found my libido – Found my libido
Found my libido on the internet
On the internet - On the internet

I typed in my number – for my master card account
Gave authorization - for the entire amount
It was worth every penny – I even typed in a tip
Cause I found my libido – on the internet

Found my libido……

My right arm’s getting stronger – from the things I do at home
With so much libido – and so much time alone
I’m looking for a lover - whom I can always please
With my extra added inches - and my rock hard qualities

I may never be as neat-o – as Quentin Tarantino
But I found my libido on the internet


With the Occasional String Band:
Balding Men WIth Day Jobs (1995)
Grey Dust Hits (2000)
Intelligent Design (2008)
Some tracks are at and at

Set List

Here is a typical set list. (These are all original songs.) This set would last about an hour. I have about 3 hours of original material and several covers that I can do. Typical covers are old jazz songs, Mark Graham songs, Steve Goodman songs, Laura Nyro, Frank Zappa, Dylan (if provoked), etc..

1. Control Freak Frustrations
2. We're All Free
3. Found My Libido
4. Alan Can't Smoke Reefer Anymore
5. Hamilton Freeway
6. A Study In Human Dance Floor Behavior
7. Too Much Advice
8. Parasite Blues
9. I Was not Intelligently Designed
10. They Know You
11. Hypnotized
12. Burn Those Guitars
13. Microchip